July 16th, 2010

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So I'm taking this summer bio course, for which I ordered the textbook four weeks ago, confident that it should arrive soon. (These classes tend to allow using old versions of the textbook, and I haven't got much money, so I ordered it off half.com from a large seller with good reviews.

Four weeks later: still no textbook and they haven't responded to my customer service email. And an exam coming on Tuesday. Augh!

Has anyone got any edition of Freeman's "Biological Science" lying around? Which edition doesn't matter too much. I just need it for a couple of weeks; this is one of those crazy accelerated courses. I'll bake you cookies, or get viruses off your computer, or make you a high-quality jewelry piece, for the privilege of borrowing it.

Thanks a bunch!

Edit: thanks very much to chronofile for solving my problem!
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OnPoint wins by a landslide!

Y'all, as always, are a wealth (hahaha) of information! Thanks for all of your opinions about the credit union choosing. I'm going with OnPoint and I feel very confident about it. I learned a lot about the credit union system around here today, too. Thanks again!


So I'm kind of scruffy right now and in dire need of a haircut. Buuut, I'm also a cheap bastard and have been putting it off, but this recent heat has no longer made that a viable option.

Anyone know of a cheap-ish place near Lloyd in which to get my ears lowered?
C&H Fight

Hai Guys

So I'm looking to go to OMSI after Dark tomorrow night and I had a question, has anyone been to the Albert Einstien section since its been up? How is it?

Also I wanted to whore out two things I'm selling for a few extra bucks.

I have an APC 750 Smart UPS that Im selling for 50 bucks or best offer, its basically a back up power, if the power goes out or what not.

and a PowerMac G4, desktop Mac that I'm selling for 75 bucks, its good, it runs great, does all the basic needs and a some gaming too. I just have 3 other computers sitting around and don't need it.

For more info on any of it let me know :D. Thanks guys.
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FNNLC Anyone?

Well, looks like I am the president of the FNNLC tonight. I stripped wallpaper all day and didn't get home until 9:30. The girl was in bed already. I had a bit of dinner and am now dicking around on the computer. Yay! I had briefly thought I might go hang out with some peeps across town, but I wasn't totally sold, due to the jammies and across-townness. Don't tell the BatShads or Fool that I ditched them in favour of FNNLC! I'll bet I wind up regretting not going.