July 15th, 2010

Cubespace substitute?

Hey DP,
The last time I was in pdx, cubespace was alive and well, so I was disappointed to find out that it has since disappeared. I am returning to town this week and need a similar kind of space to get some work done while I am in town. I do my work on a laptop, but I take calls while I work. I wanted a cubespace type place so that I don't have to sit outside at stumptown and be that asshole on the phone for four hours. Anyone know of a similar business?

cardboard boxes!

Are you moving? Do you need boxes? I have about a dozen large and small cardboard moving boxes I would love to get rid of, but they're in too good of shape not to be reused. Slap 'em together with some packing tape, load 'em up and you're good to go. Email me if you're interested: eleanor.brown87@gmail.com. They're free. You'll be doing me a favor. I'm in close-in NE by the way. Come pick up.

Because Portland loves food and coffee.

I ask here because I know some of you are cooking inclined.

I need a kitchen timer that can be set to a specific time (27 seconds to be exact) and which can be reset to that amount every time without having to reprogram 27 seconds into it every time it's used. Smaller is better. Thanks! Amazon is fine if you need to point one out.
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(no subject)

If some of you see random stars moving, it might just be a random act of more "light graffiti" that people are having fun with.

Two nights ago around midnight or so, a car pulled up across the street from my house with like 10 black balloons stickin' out of their car. Big ones.

They hurried out of the car, got the balloons, turned on a cluster of white LEDs, and let go of the balloons. Quickly it just looked like a star against the night sky zooming across the sky.

They giggled to each other (and cheered which was odd...) got in their car, and sped off.

Is this what constitutes fun these days? I must be getting old.


patch me up...

I'm working on some sewing projects and am looking for a store that sells a variety of iron-on and/or sew-on patches.  I stopped by JoAnn's since it's near me but their selection is pretty limited.  Any rec's for places with more options?

PS...blue skies, shining at me...nothing but blue skies do I see.  Pretty sweet day out today :)
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Say you were in the market for a new credit union

Unitus or OnPoint Credit Union?

I need a local credit union, and I've narrowed it down to these two. Stories, advice, suggestions, welcome.

Currently I am leaning toward OnPoint by virtue of the fact that they appear to have about a million ATMs and branches. However, I have also heard really good things about Unitus, so... hmm.

Thanks in advance.
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Dental Insurance Suggestions

I call upon the power of DP for their knowledge base and experiences!

I have a dental plan at work that I cannot enhance. I was thinking of looking in to other dental insurance options, such as adding an additional plan to my budget so I could have some more coverage for some work I need done.

Anyone not get their dental insurance through work/welfare that is enthusiastic about their dental insurance company? Do tell!
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Subaru Maintenance

I have a 2001 Subaru and I’m looking to get its 100,000 mile inspection/maintenance. I’m horrified when I look online at my mechanic options based on online reviews (Dick Hannah Subaru in Vancouver, Wentworth in Pdx, Ron’s Automotive in Vancouver). So I come to you DP.

Refer a mechanic that’s Subaru savy, honest, does good work and is affordable (I know, I know). Please note neighborhood. Feel free to note places to NOT go to too.

I am flexible to go in Portland proper and even Vancouver.

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Hair Cutter Suggestions

I need to get my hair cut. My wonderful lady just left and they won’t tell me where she went.

I have wavy/curly/”textured” long hair that requires a special skill set to cut (or so I’ve noticed). Any suggestions on stylists that are skilled with crazy hair?

I am looking for someone close-in Portland or even Vancouver. If possible, please note price range and neighborhood.


LOST Cat - Big, Fluffy, Black & White (New Columbia/NoPo)

*EDIT - FOUND!!!!*

Hey there DP. It has been months and months since I've wandered over here, but this is the best possible reason I can think of to come back. I need your help! =(


My 9-year-old cat Frankie has gone missing, and I am so so worried about him. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, but he has never been gone for this long, and I fear that his curious tendencies may have gotten the best of him. If you live in the New Columbia region, you may have seen him around before, as he is always trotting around the neighborhood with his brother, Dante. He is really hard to miss, as he is 1) HUGE and FLUFFY, and 2) GORGEOUS. He has an all-white chest, and a black/grey and black striped sides, black "eyeliner" and the cutest little pink nose you'll ever see. If he meows at you, it will be the most comically tiny meow that you've ever heard come out of such a big boy. He is very affectionate, but also independent, so he may not approach you if you see him.

He was last seen on the evening of July 13th, and I have looked everywhere and knocked on so many doors. I spent nearly two hours systematically going door to door this evening and politely requesting for garages to be opened. No luck. He lives on Houghton Street, on the edge of the New Columbia development, and the closest cross streets are Woolsey, Dwight, Newman, and Fiske.

He has a red metal heart tag and a collar with all of my contact information, but if he is somehow missing his collar....

Please email me ASAP
Or call @ 916-769-1400, and ask for Samantha

Thank you so much. He is VERY loved and missed, and his brother doesn't know what to do without him. =(





HE'S HOME!!!! I got a call this morning from a woman who called the number on his tag (thank god he still had his collar on). He was pretty far away, and on a Belushi-style bender in this woman's catnip garden!! We're talking stalks of catnip 3 feet tall. He's scraped up and dirty and out of his MIND drugged, but otherwise ok. =)


Thanks for the concern and well wishes, everyone!!!
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