July 14th, 2010

Trimet employer tax

I just recently discovered that Trimet taxes employers if they are within a 'Trimet district.' I take it 'Trimet district' means anywhere that a Trimet service runs. Could anyone explain to me why Trimet has the authority to do this? I just don't understand why a privately owned company can do this. Thanks.

Edit -- Thanks everyone for your wonderfully kind responses. To answer to your assumptions about whether I think a tax for public transit is 'bad,' I take Trimet everywhere as I don't know how to drive. So obviously I am pretty grateful that Trimet exists and do not mind that it is a taxable service. I have grown up using public transportation in many different areas, so obviously I think it is a great thing and am glad taxes go towards funding it. However I was under the impression that Trimet is a privately owned company (I have "heard" this, no citable source at this time), and that is why I was confused as to the taxes associated with it. But still.. am glad I could provide some amusement for those who are unemployed/slacking off at their jobs. =D
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bay rum

Hi. Miss me?

I'm looking for a decent bay rum. Anyone have one to recommend? If locally available/made, even better.

Failing that, I've also found a couple recipes to make my own. However, there's an ingredient I don't know where to find. I can either use bay leaves (the recipe cautions not to use the ones at the grocery store used in soup, but rather Pimenta racemosa, or West Indian bay tree leaves), or oil of bay laurel. Does anyone know, locally, where I could find either of these?


Pokemon Sapphire?

Hey DP-ers,

I was wondering if any of you guys had a real, working cartridge of Pokemon Sapphire? You know, the blue one that you play on the GBA? All I can find are fakes on ebay and I want to try you guys first before I truck out to a far away GameStop.

I don't care if it doesn't have a box or manual, just that it's authentic and it doesn't say it's made by "Nintondo" or something.

I believe in you guys! Don't let me down! TIA!

jewelry appraisal

Just a quick question -- any personal recommendations for a good, honest place to get a bridal set appraised? It is not expensive jewelry, but I want to have a general idea of how much it is worth before selling it to someone on craigslist for 50 bucks. Westside is preferred but I will travel for someone I can trust who is not a total pain to deal with.


(no subject)

I live in a largish complex that has a pretty active "sharing" area where people drop clothing, books, furniture, and various items for other residents. About 80% of the stuff is left untouched, with the next stop being a charity. Until now, they've been sending everything to the Salvation Army, which discriminates against gays. I pointed this out, and now we're looking for another destination, preferably a local one instead of a Goodwill/SA/etc.

My question: What are some locally based charities to channel these donations to? We're not interested in overtly religious charities or small independent thrift stores (since there's a sizable amount of stuff we'll just want to drop off without sifting, and on a regular basis).


im sure there are tags but...

I'm kinda lazy when it comes to searching tags...sorry, but it's the truth. So, now that I know of great Seafood restaurants to take my mommy, i pose this question: where would you take your Mom if she was to visit you in Portland?? My mom has never been to Portland before now. She's 69, and has not physical disabilities (she isn't going to be going rock climbing per se, but you know..hikes etc are good) she taught h.s. Biology for nearly 20 years and she loves museums and art. I know of all the typical things like Sat. Market, Farmer Markets, Multnomah falls,rose garden, we will be spending 3 days at the coast, where else tho would you go check out? We are willing to drive so location is not a big factor.

Also any must see museums? I am at a loss on those and would love to take her to a great one! thanks always!
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local moving companies

We're moving within Portland (actually, less than two miles). Can anyone recommend a good local mover, even if it's just a couple of folks with a big truck? (We have two kids and my back is lousy or we'd do this ourselves.) We talked to some folks at 2 Brothers, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with them or knows of other small companies. Thanks. 


Damnroom[s] for rent!

Hey DP,

If any of you damnrenters need a place to stay / live / thrive in the Aloha area, let me know! My room mate and I live in a totally rockin' four bedroom house off of 198th & Almond, and we are looking to rent out the downstairs bedroom with den as well as the upstairs master bedroom. The house was recently painted, has a large back yard, has a washer and dryer for your use, and a ceramic stove top for the foodies!

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