July 13th, 2010

blasted cars

so it's finally time to bite the bullet and register my out of state car in Oregon.

sooo, can anyone recommend a friendly DEQ testing facility in NE or SE?

did anyone else have to register an out-of-state regular passenger vehicle recently? do u know how much it cost total?


Electronic Recycling

What's the best way to get rid of some old TV's, computers, and electronics? I really don't want to pay money to recycle all of this crap if I don't have to. I've seen free recycling events in the past, does anyone know of any coming up soon?


Travel Agents

Anyone have any travel agent recommendations? Preferred location would be in Hillsboro or Beaverton, but if they really rock myself and my wife would be willing to head into SE Portland. If it helps we are looking to travel to Disneyland.

Thanks in advance!

ok another question

the auto insurance i had does not exist in oregon, so i need to find a new carrier.

i am broke as all hell, needing to find the cheapest most basic insurance i can. i did get my first moving violation this past year so i know it;ll be more. i was paying approx. $360 for 6 months previous. now the two website quotes ive received were around $800-1000 which i just cannot do.

so anyone have any luck getting reaaally cheap insurance? who did you go to? thanks guys.
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Damn Internets

My dad just rang me because his internet is down, so really, I'm asking this for him. Obviously, anyone affected probably can't respond, unless they use LJ from their phones, but has anyone heard of a Comcast outage?

For the record, my dad's in Milwaukie, up near King and 40th. I'm not sure how big the outage is, and only know there is one from a recording on their system. But since I don't have Comcast, and don't actually live in Portland, it's hard to get information from them (my dad's seriously technologically challenged, but bless him, he's trying).
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Real Simple & Domino Magazines

I have a stack of 15-25 issues of Real Simple and Domino (RIP) magazines that I need out of my house. Most are from 2009 but might be some 2008 and 2010 in there. 99% are in Mint condition.

They are FREE. Just please come and get them. We are moving soon.

karla [dot] branson at gmail


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(no subject)

Oh wise DPers, I seek rental advice. I recently moved back to the great NW. I left my previous apartment about 5 weeks before my lease was up. However, I paid my rent in full through the end of my lease. The apartment complex cashed the check a few days after I gave it to them. Today I found a nifty little bill in my mailbox for $2511.00, the charges for "breaking my lease". I call bullshit, I gave them a check for rent through the end of my lease, who cares if I was physically in the apartment or not? My friend went by to make sure I didn't leave any laundry in the washer and said they had already painted it days after I left, meaning they plan to rent it ASAP.

So, I'm in the frame of mind that what they're doing is completely illegal since I paid my rent through the end of the lease (I have a scanned image of the cashed check). What do you all think, should I hire a lawyer?
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Is there something about grocery stores that makes small children shriek? In Safeway this afternoon, I herd what sounded like no less than three randomly shrieking children, scattered throughout the store.

Stolen Bike

Posting for a friend....stolen out of Bike n Hike van parked on se 15th and se Franklin last night

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Orange Niner One Nine 2007


Year: 2007
Brand: Niner
Model: One Nine

Neighborhood: lower se portland
Owner: josh bartlemay
OwnerEmail: bmay83@gmail.com
Description: Bike is a single speed 29er mountain bike very bright orange with a few matching orange parts, white brothers carbon rigid fork, custom mango colored chris king S/S wheelset with white velocity rims, Mango colored chris king headset and bottom bracket, Avid juicy 5 brakes, race face stem (with chrome plating chipping off), and race face carbon seatpost. Frame has a very discernible dent on the downtube at the bottle cage mount. Call josh at 503-756-5674 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              503-756-5674      end_of_the_skype_highlighting with any info or sightings
Police record with: portland
Police reference#: T10004372
This registrant has documented proof of ownership of this bike