July 12th, 2010


Gettin' around town

Hey, DamnPortlanders, it's your lurking neighbor to the north, and I'm coming soon to see some Rose City Roller Derby in August for their Hometown Throwdown. You can't not love roller derby... just sayin'.

And having only been to Portland most recently for a busy day back in '06, I still know juuuuuust enough about the transpo there to be dangerous. Or dumb. Or both.

So here's (the setup to) my question, in longer form than you wanted it:

I'm possibly staying at the Jupiter Hotel (special event rates! Weeeee!) and travelling some 6 or 7 miles south to the Oaks Park amusement center where the Rose City Rollergirls do that thang they do sometimes.

Now, I realize for 6 miles a taxi might be smart - but expensive, for 6 times over 3 days (2.50 drop fee, 2.50 per mile? That's about 17 bucks one way for a nice/smart driver in good traffic!)
So that's just short of about 60 bucks for transpo.

So I figured ah, what the heck, let's go see what TriMet has! Because even though the hangar looks like public transit may not get near it, if it gets me most of the way, I can throw a cabbie a five or 10 spot to get me the rest of the way, right? Sure.

And up here in Seattle (I know, boo/hiss/snark) we have a trip planner on Metro Transit's website much like TriMet offers. And when Metro clowns me on a route that's 3 miles down the road but it says it should take 8 hours over 5 buses and a round trip to Switzerland, I laugh and know which ones to really take.

But Portland? I don't know your bus system hardly at all. So when the TriMet trip planner clowns me, I'm defenseless. I just went there. It mocked and taunted me.

SO... after all of that set up banter, here's really what I'm getting at:

Smartest/cheapest way to get from Jupiter to Oaks Park round trip? Does the transit system really have a bus near both locations that doesn't take 2 hours? Or should I just bring a few 20 dollar bills for the trip each way and suck it up?

Your advice is greatly appreciated, especially because last time I was there, I rode your transit like a damn tourist, up to Powell's from the Burnside bridge & shit.

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Hey help plz

I'm meeting my parents up in Astoria in September when their cruise ship parks there for 8 hours. They really want to hit up a real winery, but the closest one we can find to Astoria is an hour away, which seems like a lot of driving. We've already done the close-in-town touristy stuff there, so if you know of cool day activities that are a short drive from Astoria, or ideally a closer winery, I would appreciate suggestions!
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Sandboxes on the MAX

 Under the seats at the rear of a certain style of MAX car, there are boxes that are partially filled with sand or crushed rocks, which are visible through two long vertical windows on the boxes -- one visible to the people in the second row from the back, and one facing the aisle.

What are these things?
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fueding felines

Two questions (or more)

1). How does one get two newly introduced full grown cats to get along?

2). Any good vet recommendations? I'm in the SE on Tabor.

3). I haven't tried the pheromone stuff - seems like a scam but I want to be open minded. Is it a scam or does it work?

3). I'm tempted to get valium for the cats to help them mellow out until they get used to each other. Does this work? Has anyone tried it (on their cats - not for personal use).

It's been about a month of various failed techniques including, but not limited to, one in a cage while feeding the other, swapping cat beds for the scents, string-play under the door, feeding them in the same room, etc etc.

Video Contest Finalist!

I just made it as a finalist in a video contest I've entered. I was wondering if you could help me win the grand prize by voting for me. Here is the link: http://www.worldwidelearn.com/thisismyclassroom/contest-finalists/

I am fcgisarah and I made the video with the guitar. If you watch the video, there are stop motion robots moving towards the end. You can vote once every 24 hours. The contest ends July 26. Thanks!

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For sale, nine canvases

I have nine blank canvases of three different sizes for sale. There are three each of 12X16 inches, medium 18X24, and the largest and 22X30. The two smaller sizes have wooden frames, the largest are canvas panels. They're slightly dirty from being stored in an attic for a while, and one of the panels has a slightly chipped corner, but they otherwise look usable.

I am asking $30 for the entire set. If you are interested email me at platedlizard at yahoo dot com.

I have a buyer!