July 11th, 2010

  • jare_

soy burger in pdx?

so i am feeling like splurging and getting a good vegan burger somewhere around town, but the problem is i hate gardenburger type veggie burgers. if i am going to indulge my craving ideally it would be with a straight up bocaburger type soyburger. anyone know of a good place? i know paradox doesn't have one, and im not sure about hungry tiger too. i am sure there are a few, but i am currently drawing a blank. thanks damnportlanders.

Sea food places

My Mummy..er mommy is coming to visit and I Promised her I would take her to a great sea food place even tho i do not eat it. So DP where would you go? Cost is not really a concern. I'm more than happy to splurge for this one. (and no I really don't want to take her to Moe's on the coast..my husband thinks its not all that grand)

Thanks as always! If it matters her favorite is shrimp!