July 10th, 2010


help me dress myself

I'm looking for some new t-shirts. You'd think I wouldn't need any help for this but I have something specific in mind:

- 100% cotton
- Good quality: nice thick material, with stitching that doesn't fall apart readily
- a variety of colors, especially dark colors/earthy tones
- NO GRAPHICS (a pattern or something abstract might be okay, but definitely no logos, text, pictures of recognizable objects, etc)
- Reasonable price; I know quality costs and prices have gone up over the years, but seriously, it's a freakin' cotton t-shirt

I used to get the Cherokee Ultimate ts at Target, but now they they're replaced them with the crappy Merona ts I just don't know where to go (and I don't like shopping for clothes online if I can help it). Any suggestions from the crowd before I start wasting my time visiting clothing stores at random?

edit to add: Men's shirts! I am a man, in case my non-gender-specific username, icon, and post didn't make it obvious over the internet. (Eheh.. oops.) Shirts built for people with boobs would look mighty strange on me, and are not what I want.

1999 jetta for sale

Hello everyone i have a nice 1999 jetta gls  with 107k miles. second owner, clean title, no accident damages, run and drives good, automatic with power windows.  we are asking for 4,000 or best offer. we can e-mail the pics or send you a pic text msg. if your interested call cynthia or mike 503-348-6365

Au Natural

Where in town do you all go to find cotton dresses? I am sick of going into store & finding nothing but a sea of nylon, rayon, acrylic, and lycra. Help! I thought Portland was big on using natural fibers?

I can order online, but I'd rather be able to try stuff on

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Quick question: When applying for a job, is it impolite to point out an error in the application or is this considered 'paying attention' or helpful? I have seen several spelling errors in applications, and on one where I was to be mailed information, I got an extra copy of the first three pages. Is it better to just not mention it?

Damn Legal Question

Hey all,

As many of you know I'm writing a comic book about Portland called "Burnside Tales".  One of the aspects that is important to me is to use real Portland sites as the setting for many of the scenes in the book as a way to continually tie the story back to Portland.    Out of courtesy I'm trying to reach business owners where I want to set certain scenes at to get their permission, but do I technically NEED to do this in order to show their logos or reference their sites in my comic?  Just foreseeing that I may have trouble reaching some of the business owners.


I would like to incorporate a parasol into an upcoming photo shoot, and was wondering if anyone knew where to get them locally. I'm not looking for the sort you might find at a party supply store that would fall apart after a couple of uses, I'd like something of nice quality. It could either be vintage, or more of an Asian paper style.
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I used to be really susceptible to mosquito bites, but bugs aren't so into me now that I'm elderly. My tender young girlfriend, however -- different story entirely. Tonight we hit up four different places in search of mosquito repellent, and were told the same thing at each place: SOLD OUT.

Turns out that the mosquitoes are taking over. Due to our wet wet spring/early summer, greedy little bloodsucking bastards called floodwater mosquitoes are sucking Portlanders dry. And not in the good way.

We're clinging to our dwindling stash of feeble little 7%-DEET wipes, but need the heavy shit. Anybody verified sightings of mosquito repellent out there?

The insect, found in every state, has some defining characteristics: a tapered, pointed tail; eggs that can stay dormant as long as six years; the ability to fly as far as 20 miles; and a thirst to bite and, unlike many of its mosquito cousins, bite again.