July 9th, 2010

C&H Fight


I need something like this, I saw it, fell in love and need it. So my question is A) They don't make them anymore so has anyone seen this rare breed or 2) Can anyone make something like this for moneyz


I'm sure nobody cares but...

...is there anything one can do about obscene phone calls? By "nobody", I'm including the cops. I'm sure they would only consider it a minor nuisance, and never mind what it's doing to someone who is really deeply screwed up when it comes to sex and was only just starting to heal. My cell phone says "private call", so I can't block the number. Since I have no number, I assume the cops can't do anything. Is there any way I can get this jackass to stop calling me, especially at 1:30 in the morning? I don't answer now when it's a private call, but when I'm at work I HAVE to answer because it might be a client needing me. And yes, from now on I will be asking if their phones broadcast caller ID so that I will know not to answer the private call, but if their phones don't broadcast then I'm out of luck. And even still, just knowing that he's calling and I'm powerless to stop it is making me crazy, even if I choose not to answer. (and yes, I will be going to Cricket later on today and asking if it's possible to change my number and how much the service fee would be to do so)
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Mosquito solutions?

With our wettest June on record, it seems like July has become the Reign of the Mosquitoes.  The little buggers are out in force, and I'm being eaten alive.  I'm just not used to having to deal with this sort of problem here in Portland.

How are people beating the little bastards at their own game?  Suggestions?

this could be part of my origin story

hey guys, been a while.

i need some doctor recommendations. last week i got hit & ran(over) by a truck while biking. (i've heard the lectures about being careful already so you can skip that please & thanks. :P had a bike partner, blinky lights front & back, yellow/reflector jacket, & the right of way. was not going very fast, was not drunk, & was paying attention.) the guy took off after checking to make sure i was alive, but thankfully my friend got the lincense plate number. driver was not the carowner though, & i just found out last night that the carowner has insurance & is obliged to pay. yay!

my initial hospital visit is already taken care of. but now i need to go see some other doctors. and the sooner the better because a week has already gone by. i'm really sore all over & while my arm is better it's still very not okay. the hospital gave me the number of a bone doctor cos they were all "we're pretty sure it's not broken, but we could have missed something..." i don't think i need a bone doctor though, i'm guessing that if it was broken i wouldn't be able to move it at all. it was immobile for the long weekend and now i can bend gingerly at the elbow and move it up & down slightly. i can't carry anything heavier than a cup of water or put any stress on the bicep area though. the skin there is kind of numb to touch, and it's all bulgy & tender. my whole arm looks jaundiced becauses the massive bruising has faded to mostly yellow with some really attractive purple spots.

so... i guess i need a bone/muscle doctor? an arm doctor? i don't know. i also need to talk to someone about my overall body issues post-crash. i need to figure out if i need a chiropractor or massage therapist or anything like that so i can tell the insurance... do i get a consult somewhere? does a doctor refer me?

i've spent the past week alternatingly rolling with the punches and feeling frustrated & self-pitying. now that i know medical will be paid for & the fucker who hit me is in jail i'm relieved and ready to get this taken care of. so, somewhere where i don't have to wait a few weeks for an appointment would be nice. and accessible/not too far out since i can't bike right now.


edit: i'm also going to take this moment to spit out a cheesy psa: OMG PLEASE WEAR YOUR HELMET. NO, REALLY. WEAR IT. EVERY TIME YOU BIKE. my arm & head took most of the blow. my helmet cracked in two places. it's so fucking scary to think that without it i could be concussed, unconscious, have brain injury, or be dead.

job hunt questions

Yes, I am one of the multitude of unemployed dutifully submitting my cover letter and resume various places...
It's been a while - I've been a student quite a few years now - and I'm wondering if there are cover letter/resume rules that I should know.
For example, references - do you include them in the resume? cover letter? Do you wait for the first call back to offer those - that's the way it was once, so your references didn't get called a hundred thousand times, or something like that, I never quite understood even then I think.

Is "Please, no recent graduates" just code for "don't think your school experience counts as the actual experience we are saying is required for this position" or "if you've been a student until recently, we don't want you, even if you have the required experience outline above"?

What in the world is "must get along well with others" code for?  I mean, do I have to be ... there's some phrase I can't quite remember, the one person everyone loves and wants to be friends with ... or do they just mean, don't get in arguments or be all grumpy-mean-pants all the time? 

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