July 8th, 2010

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Does anyone know of any places to go on a river/lake that don't suck? I'm still kind of new here. I take horse riding lessons out toward Estacada/Carver and thought maybe there was a place or two out that way? Maybe waaaaay out Sunnyside, past New Seasons? Somewhere down on the Clackamas River?

I went to Blue Lake in Gresham (my first clue?) and it was a letdown. The swimming area was too small. It was $5 to park. It was packed. Three strikes and I won't return. The water was nice though, just a small area to swim with too many other people.

I'm in SE but I'm willing to make a trek if traffic isn't a fuckfest.

I'm not looking for any aquatic parks, "spraygrounds", public pools. I would prefer somewhere that's free.

My apartment has a pool but the people who live here are gross. I'm not swimming with them and their nasty kids.

So I guess I'm saying it doesn't have to be fancy or anything but please don't let it be a. dirty, b. overpriced or c. super packed.

Polite driver FTW

Yesterday I was driving downtown and I yielded to a bus so it could make a tight turn using both lanes. The bus had on its Yield light and its turn signal so I didn't really think I was doing a huge favor. But once we both pulled up at the next light, the bus driver opened the passenger door so he could thank me. THANK me. I mumbled something like "oh! uh, no biggie, of course", so stunned I don't think I ever said You're welcome.

Thanks for making my afternoon more pleasant, Trimet guy!
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Ah, I have a somewhat stupid question. I've toyed with getting my eyebrows waxed/shaped/whatever. I can keep them kinda tame but I think I need help.

So. Suggestions for a first-timer? Like I said, they're not crazy out of control but I'd like some of the crazy stray hairs out of there. Apparently I'm supposed to have a concept of how I want my eyebrows done but I can't think beyond "Not pencil thin and nice lookin'". Also, suggestions of places to go? I looked in the tags 'n' searched past entries but they only pertained to brazillians 'n' such and I have NO INTENTIONS of getting one of those :)

OR - is there a better alternative to waxing?!
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I've finally come to the decision that I want to learn Muay Thai. I've been thinking about it for months already, but now I'm sure of it. I know I posted about this a longggggg time ago and bookmarked it, but my computer got a virus and everything got erased.

Are there any gyms you can vouch for? I've only looked into NW fighting so far. Any advice/info would be great.

Of Cell Phones

Hey people!
It's that time--the time when my phone provider is jacking me over so bad with fees and such that I need to find someone else. I'm looking at Cricket's 40-bucks-a-month plan, but that's only $5 less than what I'm supposedly paying per month with T-Mobile.

So my question is, has anyone here used Cricket? Do they honestly charge a flat $40 a month, or do you find yourself drowning in extra fees on every bill, as with most companies? I typically end up paying $10-15 more per month due to fees, and since I don't have a job, I really, really can't afford that. So any advice would be great! If Cricket's not all that, what other providers can you recommend? I basically need nationwide calling and texting, and that's pretty much it.

Thanks in advance!

Electric Vehicles

Hey guys, I just thought I'd throw this out here, but the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association is having an "EV Awareness day" on Saturday, 10-July at Pioneer Square. It's gonna run from 9:30AM to 4:30P, and it sounds like it could be pretty neat.

They've got several cars that are going to be on display, including a Tesla and one of the electric smart cars. Should be worth checking out.

There's more information here: http://www.oeva.org/events/awareness2010/
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