July 7th, 2010

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Low Income ENT

I'm hoping to find an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor in the Portland area that either works with the city or has some kind of option that helps low-income and/or students. I have had a growth on the inside of my nose for about 2.5 months now (at least that I've noticed it there) I've done a ton of research but it all points to "talk to a doctor". I normally wouldn't bother, but its bothering my breathing, and some of my research mentioned nasal polyps being aggressive at times. Thanks guys.
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Hello -

With the weather heating up, I need to get my portable AC unit (there's a panel that fits into the window with the two hoses built in) set into my window.  The provided plastic parts of the panel are not wide enough or flush enough to do the job on their own, so I need to find some more of the about 1/4 inch thick, 1 inch wide foam tape I've used in the past.  However, as I last bought it a couple of years ago, I don't remember where I found it back then.

As I'd rather not spend my afternoon (maybe into the evening) trekking from place to place after a full day's work in search of it, do any of you know, with reasonable confidence, where a girl could find such a thing? 


snark city?

i'm attending my first book reading at powell's tonight. i have zero knowledge of how they tend to run, so i'm just looking for information on how long it might last. the reading is at 730, and i'm hoping to get to fire on the mountain burnside to dance to some string music by 9 or 930. is this: a) possible, b) hopeless, c) other, or d) snark?

Wanted: Tall Mens T Shirts

So I have a boyfriend that is 6'3". He is a jeans/t-shirt/occasional polo kinda guy. Jeans aren't that hard to find for him, but try finding a decent t-shirt/polo shirt that is a size Large but tall. I'm finding that when you search for "tall mens clothes" all that comes up is "fat mens clothes". I found a website http://www.bigmansland.com/Shop-sub-29.html, but they're pretty spendy and I'm hoping to find a place somewhere that I can drive to that sells graphic t-shirts in tall sizes.

Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks. =D
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Present for yooooou guys!

So, I've told a couple of people in the comments when they ask about eyeglasses and where can you get them cheap about Zenni Optical, the website where all you need is your prescription and a measurement of the width between your pupils and you can get a pair of glasses for generally under 50 bucks.

So here's the link for everyone to bookmark and have on hand. Share with your friends and families!


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Where does one find a ladies fitted suit age appropriate for someone in their 20s on a budget (fingers crossed I can make it happen for $150 or less).

Macy's, Nordstrom Rack, desperate attempt at Saks closing sale (man their stuff is expensive and tacky), all failed me soooooo hard.

New Karaoke Night

Hey DPers,

This is kinda late notice, but if you're looking to get out of the house tonight, there's a brand new karaoke night at Mudai Lounge, (801 NE Broadway, upstairs.) Last week's inaugural night was a lot of fun: short wait for songs, and a friendly, supportive crowd. We'll be doing it every Wednesday, so check it out!
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Hey dp

I'm thinking of getting a Motorcycle sportbike. How stupid would it be considering that I live in a state that rains a lot? Any riders ride in the rain anyway?