July 6th, 2010

Damn Artists

Hello all,

As many of you might remember, I write comic book scripts and sometimes draw my own work.  My own art skills are sufficient I suppose, but I'd really like to see some other interpretations of the work.

I'm currently crafting several short stories with the intention of getting these stories published in different comic book anthologies and I am looking for artists who are willing to work on speculation. This means that you won't be paid up front for the work, but if the work sells than you would make money on it.  This isn't a very good option for the professional artist but might be something that a student looking for credit and portfolio work might be interested in.

If we agree to work together your work would at least be featured on my website as well as possibly publishing the work through a network of comic publishers or even possibly by self-publishing.

Ultimately at this stage I'm just looking to find out who might be interested in such a venture, with the actual work to start taking place over the next few months.  The stories range in page count from four to twenty one pages and genres include action/thriller, sci-fi, and drama/comedy.

I’d like to see examples of your work and see if I have a story that matches your style. I’d allow you to read the script and if you think the script is viable and publishable than we would work on terms (the artist would receive the bear’s share of any proceeds from the sale of the work.)

So please let me know if you are interested, if you would like you can comment here with questions or just send me a link to your work – my email is sacredboneonline at gmail dot com.
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Deal alert!

We just scored 3 pints of yummy organic strawberries for 2 bucks at Limbo Produce. They also had FLATS for 5 bucks. They were going fast! Limbo's at about SE 39th and Holgate, next to Trader Joe's. Go!
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Spider Update

Some updates from our spider dilemna here: http://community.livejournal.com/damnportlanders/16760091.html

We finally found a spider. It looks like a recluse (no spider experts here) but recluse are supposedly not found in Oregon. From the photos online it doesn't look like a Hobo spider. Weird. Sorry no pics. I killed it ASAP. With 4 bites causing necrotic tissue damage, it went straight to the death penalty.

To fill in some of the gaps: the spiders are biting us INSIDE. Specifically our bedroom. At night. My partner is extremely allergic to just about everything, super sensitive to most chemicals, hence the want to go a natural route. If I were making the decision alone: arson. Or a heavy chemical dousing.

So I ask you now, all knowing DP, how would you handle this spider situation now? I'd like to be able to sleep in my bed sometime in the near future without my (imaginary?) spiders crawling on my skin.
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Dear dp,

I am in need of a tailor. I stupidly wore a pair of far too long corduroy pants, before getting them hemmed. Now the cuffs are all torn up... Not quite the look I was going for. I see lots of recommendations for tailors, but I wonder if anyone has any experience with Bee Tailors, on SW 10th?
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Google Fu, you fail me yet again... searching for sugared violets!

I know you're all culinary savvy, right? ;)

Anyone know where in Portland might be so rad as to sell some sugared violets? My mom is working on a wedding cake and wants to do the easy thing and buy them from somewhere in town... so I pose the inquiry, where would one find them around these parts to purchase?

Bonus brownie points with karma sprinkles if you happen to know the about how much they are!

kitchen work

I am looking for a job or volunteer position in a kitchen. I have Mondays and Tuesdays avaliable. I have a bunch of experience in different positions, but I would like to work on a line, or do prep work. I want to keep my skills fresh while I am not working in the field.

Does anyone know of any opportunities avaliable right now?
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Website suggestions?


Some friends and I are wanting to start a website that will allow users to sign up and participate in various ways (general membership, forums, possibly keep their own profile to network, create groups for others to join).

I am only familiar with joomla. Would this be what you recommend? None of us have professional coding experience or anything, so we'd like something that is open source but also easy to use. If you recommend Joomla, why do you do so?

Not related: have you guys heard of Vivian Blaine? I am in love!