July 5th, 2010

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HELP us to help CRISPIN please

Hi guys,

We live in SE Portland and are trying to find a good, forever home for Crispin - the most awesome, sweet male (neutered) cat that we rescued (he was abandoned and neglected... possibly abused but is such a loverboy and has really responded so incredibly positively (and quickly) since we took him in.

We already have three (former rescues) cats so alas, cannot take Crispin on full-time so we are trying very hard to find a permanent placement for him.

We created a Facebook group page dedicated solely to his story, his daily pics and progress and are asking as many folks as possible to please join the group (not just browse) and please, please share the page with friends to try and get the word out and hopefully find him a good home. Even if you can't take him in yourself, just posting the info will help immensely (or reposting this post even).

We will screen prospective owners as after all he has been through we are very focused on finding him a kind, patient and loving new family.

The FB page is here: Please help Crispin the Cat! or just cut and paste: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=110921428956783

Thanks for listening.

Small wood crafting project

Does anyone here make picture frames and want to make some money? I've been working on a large reptile cage, and all that's left to do is install the doors. What does this have to do with a picture frame, you may ask? Well, I have two sheets of plexiglass I want to install in a picture frame to use as doors for the cage. Someone competent in woodworking could do the same thing. I'm able to pay $50 for this project, and I'd be looking to get it done tomorrow or the next day. Also by large I mean 35 long, and just under 15 tall.

blues, baby!

is anyone else listening to the blues festival on kboo? i couldn't make it today due to work, but more than anyone i wanted to see little feat. their set (right now) is AMAZING. if you like blues, tune in.
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Let's talk about beer, baby


I am looking to do some birthday celebrating at the end of the month and I've narrowed it down to Hopworks and the Pilsner Room Harborside. I haven't been to either place, so your opinions, experiences, etc., are welcomed to help me make up my mind.

We're looking for a place that can accommodate a crowd of about 20, probably. Food doesn't matter, but a good selection of decent beer is a must. We go all the time to the Green Dragon, the Horse Brass, and Bailey's, so I was looking to expand out a bit. I'm afraid Henry's will be too crowded on a Saturday night, although it was suggested. If you have another suggestion or idea, I'm open to hearing it!

Thanks in advance, everyone.
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Hey DamnedGardeners

I'm in a bit of a quandry with my front yard. Had to get my sewer line re-done and the process involved trenching through my entire side and front yard. Now everything is just mud and mud-covered tree roots. I was planning on doing some landscaping with native flowering ground covers (e.g. bunchberry, bleeding heart, bishops hat, wild ginger, twinflower, columbines, wood violets...those sort of things) since grass doesn't grow in the shade under my two sweet gum trees and this is a bit of a kick in the pants to get started far sooner than i had planned. Most everything seems to want to be planted in either early spring or fall...but my dusty dirty front yard looks pretty awful. I'm worried that attempting to plant anything at this point in the summer is doomed to failure. Has anyone had any luck planting in July? If so, what plants survived?
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TV Woes


So we got a TV. It's a 57" or there abouts rear projection Sony from 2004. It's great, except for at the bottom and the top the colors aren't converging correctly. We've tried this thing with the remote where you line up this grid thing to get the red, blue and green to line up and turn to white but we just can't save it once we fix it. Has anyone had a problem like this? If so, how did you fix it? It's great other than the top and bottom colors not matching up.

Please and thank you!

(Just got this one today as our old TV, the vertical amplifier blew. That doesn't smell nice.)