July 3rd, 2010


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so, what's up with my comment being screened on a damnportlanders post?
it says 'according to the community's settings', and that it will be unscreened after it is like deemed appropriate.

since when? and 'sup wit dat?

is it vegan?

my pops is coming into town for the blues festival. he's trying to lower his cholesterol via diet only, so whenever we go to breakfast i feel like an *insert expletive here* savoring my eggs benedict while he pretends to enjoy his oatmeal. i'd like to take him to breakfast somewhere that has a delicious menu that isn't full of tempting animal fat. lunch and dinner ideas are also encouraged, and the more centrally located the better. carts welcome, too!

thanks, portland. =)

Plane ticket advice?

I'm taking a trip to New Orleans in... seven days. I need to get tickets ASAP, but I keep coming up against roadblocks. I don't know which airlines are good, which ones are bad, which ones try to charge you for stupid things, etc. I don't know ANYTHING about flying and so far I've decided that I'm not even going to bring any personal toiletries, I can buy them when I get there and it's so damned hot that I'm not even going to bother putting makeup on the entire time. That's the only thing I know for sure.

So, what airline do you recommend for a 21 year old who's flown once in second grade and is horribly worried about fucking up everything? Also, any helpful tips/tricks for making flights/the airport process easier, other than bringing a book to read?

Free child-sized bike in SE

Hola, DP. My son outgrew his bike and is looking to give the old one away to a kid who doesn't have one. It's a 16" size in fair condition. It's rideable, covered in stickers and free. Anyone want to pick it up this weekend?
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Hippie skirts.

Alright deepeeps, where do you go for your ankle-length hippie skirts? Nothing outrageously expensive, I'll only be wearing it three days a year, but some selection would be excellent. Not Goodwill, thanks. SE preferred but anywhere in our fair city accepted. Thanks kids.
OL Geisha

Do I care if there's an app for that?

I'm trying to set up my new Sprint HTC phone ~glee~ and am driving myself insane trying to get the perfect app for various things, and I'm wondering... What's the best way to access LJ from my phone?

So far I've posted a few things just by accessing the normal site. I know there's the LJ Mobile, but while I took a peek, I haven't done anything with it. Should I? Is there anything else relating to LJ I should look into?

In other news... I finally discovered Voodoo, and Oh.My.God! YUMMMM!!!! And I discovered it a week before firmly tightening up my caloric budget because I'm just that masochistic. /sigh