July 2nd, 2010

Landa "..."

No more $2 Tuesday

Since I haven't seen any ads for it at all, I thought it'd be good to put out a reminder to everyone that the Oregon Zoo no longer has $2 Tuesday. The second tuesday of every month is now $4 Tuesday. You can still get $1.50 off your ticket if you come by the MAX and show the ticket seller your MAX ticket/pass.

I just though I'd put that out there, because I can't imagine how bad it's going to be for the ticket sellers on July 13th since it seems the zoo isn't going to put out any advertising about it (at least, none that I've seen, and if I haven't seen it, I can't imagine how many people are going to show up that day with $2 in their pocket and not be able to get in).

Read it and weep...

From The Portland Guidebook by Linda Lampman & Julie Sterling (1978):

Except for Fareless Square, which is free, you pay 45 cents to ride Tri-Met within a 5-mile radius of downtown. Monthly passes, costing $16.00, are also available.

Tea whores unite secretly

Canvas hunt!

I'm looking to purchase some relatively inexpensive canvases for an art project, and relatively small as well! Where would be a good place to go and pick up some canvases? Letter size, preferably!

And... artists! What is a good type of paint to use if I plan to splatter the living shit out of these canvases? Any recommendations for a good brand at a reasonable price?

I feel like I'm going into this fairly blind, but I've got an idea and I really want to roll with it and see what becomes of it!


help me out here. Foursquare is:

a) a useful tool for knowing where your friends are at any given moment,

b) an incredible annoyance that fills up your Facebook and Twitter feed with a whole bunch of "I'm at this place you don't care about!" messages and that should be destroyed utterly,

c) A game involving playing cards, a cat o'nine tails, and a blender.

I just had someone I know tweet that they were taking a bathroom break at a McDonalds via foursquare. Do I really need to know that?

Snark welcome. Snark encouraged.