July 1st, 2010

Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

Mario Teaches Typing

Damn Typists

I'm staying with my dad right now, and I've been showing him how to use all the high-tech gear that he has and hasn't even looked at. Today, I was showing him how to network his laptop to his PS3 and all that fun stuff, and while walking him through all the steps, I realised that he has no idea how to type. He's a horrible hunt-and-peck typist, and I want to find him a copy of Mario Teaches Typing, because he loves Mario and wants to learn how to type more than five words a minute.

Does anyone know if I can find this game in town anywhere, since I'll only be here for a few days, and want to get it all set up for him before I leave? Thanks. :D

Super slacker last-minute raffle alert

So...the raffle is actually being drawn tonight or tomorrow - short notice, I'm a slacker. 
I am selling raffle tickets to a super awesome raffle.  Items include: acrylic painting by Olympia artist Cholee Gladney, a gift basket of Flat Winn products (check out their website: http://www.buyolympia.com/q/Artist=The+Flat+Win+Company - some of the stuff they have is hilarious), three prints by artist Susan Fox, $25 at Food Front co-op, a handmade felt headband, a pair of handmade felt hair ties, two coffee cookbooks, a bracelet hand-beaded by huichol indians, a gift certificate for a first visit at Pins & Needles acupuncture, a handmade faux-pearl necklace, a handmade bracelet...
Tickets are $10 each.  Proceeds go toward helping black oregonians get to a workshop in connecticut focused on promoting community development in black communities.  The organization is a 501c3 (or whatever the appropriate numbers/letters are) so raffle ticket costs can be tax deductible.
Anyone interested leave a note here or message me, I'll drop off tix & collect $.

You may now get back to enjoying the weather/working/other previously scheduled programming...

Storage/backup sites?

I need to back up a bunch of files before my computer finally crashes and I get a new one. (This will likely happen tomorrow as I spilled a cup of coffee on it this morning and my IT guy struggled to get it back on.)

Best sites for this? A small fee is fine if necessary. I have about 60gbs I'd like to store so sites that can easily bulk upload would be super.

Please and thanks!
the future is built upon books

Student loan consolidation

So, I need to do this.

Research is a fine thing, but I wonder if anyone here has had any experiences with this, and whether you can recommend any companies to use - or stay away from.

My own situation is a little unusual - I have a ton of student loans (not unusual) which I haven't been able to pay on (still not unusual), because I'm self-employed, with a not very regular or reliable income (there you go). Am I just totally lost, or is there someone who will work with me, and get debt collectors to stop calling me ten times a day?

Portland-related because, I assume, being underemployed and overeducated is a common theme.
Shaun: Brain freeze.

(no subject)

First off, this is my first post after stalking for a few months now! Exciting, right? For a newcomer to the city, originally having been in Maine, this community has been very helpful, so cheers for that.

Right-o. So being a transplant I have what may be a silly question but I was told once that no question was silly? I'm near NW 23rd and was wondering if there's like, an ideal spot to go to watch the fireworks this Sunday night. Preferably somewhere within walking distance if possible.

Thanks in advance! C:

Let's play Halo!

WHOA, Livejournal looks different now. Weird.

Anyways: me and a friend are looking for people to play Halo with! We're total nerds, and totally cool, which I guess might be contradictory. But yeah, we're aiming for semi-regular games. At least once a month.

If you're interested, check out our crappy pre-made website: letsplayhalo.weebly.com! We have the Facebook, too, if you do the Facebook.