June 30th, 2010


PSU & metal arts

Hey DP, I've googled a bit and even called and talked to someone not all that useful on the phone, so maybe you can help.  A friend of a friend is in town and interested in checking out PSU for graduate programs involving metal arts, specifically welding large objects.  Anyone know if/what they have along those lines?  I think he thought it would be cool to check out the facilities, see what kind of welding equipment they have, maybe meet a couple people.  My best guess at this point is to send him toward the art and engineering buildings - if you have further information you want to share, that would be awesome.
Tea whores unite secretly

Damn cupcakes...

Curious, have any of you been to Cupcake Jones? I've been on a cupcake kick and thought "Oh hell, why not give it a try?" since I was in the neighborhood... I was almost appalled by their cupcakes! Am I the only one who found them dry and almost a cornbread consistency? It was nasty! Only redeeming factor was the icing, the cupcakes were blan and forgettable.

I decided to throw my hat in the ring and make some cupcakes to see if I couldn't top that... It wasn't hard, and it was my first time making them!

That being said... how do I get in on the epic cupcakes by sistermaryeris?

Leather cleaner

Need a place in Portland that will clean a leather jacket without sending it to Seattle. I've been told by two places that everyone in town sends leather to Seattle.

Preferably downtown or thereabouts.


oh, also? Vegan.


ticking clock: food dilemma

i must leave in ten minutes.

where can i eat on hawthorne that:
is between 15th and 39th
has a full bar
still serves breakfast
is open until at least 4pm
has outdoor seating

i'm not expecting to get any timely responses, but will likely not be so FRANTIC to find a place with these qualities in the future. thankyousomuch.

BITCH Magazine

Hi guys!
I sent in my application for an internship at BITCH magazine this week. I'm a senior English major at Portland State and I need something degree-related for my resume, and this internship is right up my alley. I want it so bad, and I know I would kick ass. I want to make sure they pay attention to my application and grant me an interview, and I don't think calling incessantly or showing up at the office is the way to do that. So I'm hoping to make a connection with someone who works there/knows someone who works there/has written a freelance piece for them/has any connection to the magazine.
Do you work at BITCH? Do you know someone who does? Let me show you my mad skills and charming personality so you can put in a good word for me!
Thanks everyone
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Except I don't believe in limiting genres.

Free shin-dig tonight. Sway Bar! DJ Woyseck + DJ Number 6!

Come on down! We both have extensive music collections and if we have your request, we guarantee we'll play it!
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Pet Sitter Needed

For the weekend of July 10th.

I'm going to visit my 90 year old grandmother the weekend after next and I need a pet sitter. I live in Tigard. Difficulty: I have exotic animals and have yet to find a pet sitting agency that will accept them.

I have four small parrots. An Iguana. A chameleon (if I can find him, grrrr), a little plated lizard. A 10 gallon fish tank with four fish. Silkworms. And a cat. You do not need to be an expert with any of these animals, simply being willing to follow instructions and try not to kick the cat when she gets snotty with you (as she will, she's a one-person cat).

email me at platedlizard@yahoo.com

ETA: Thanks to everyone who responded, I'll be contacting you all in the next day or two once I know the exact day we're going up (Mom told me 'the weekend' and then said Weds or Thurs... make up your mind! grrr)