June 29th, 2010

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iTouch charger needed... barter?

Yo DeePeeps!

My long-ass commute to Forest Grove depletes my iTouch battery something fierce, and I'd like to be able to charge it up once I get to work for the long MAX-crawl home. I just need an AC charger so I can plug 'er in and watch oodles of goat porneducational content on the eastbound evening commute.

I wondered if anyone has a spare and would be interested in a little barter for one of my prints? Hmm?

Either way, how about that sunshine, eh? Woo.

Free Kittens!

3 [FREE] kittens need a good home! They have been spayed/neutered and are vaccinated. I am posting this for the person who is fostering them. Message me if interested and I will send you his number! (Perhaps you know him- he's a popular mailman on Hawthorne ha)

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bookworm beauty


So my company is changing to Kaiser insurance and I'm a little freaked out to be changing systems after so long. And I've heard crappy things about Kaiser. Can anyone tell me what their experiences have been like? Bonus points if it includes information on a good pediatrician who isn't scared off by crunchy lifestyles (I vax but do extended breastfeeding, don't give vitamin supplements, etc), and super extra bonus points if you have Crohn's disease and have been treated under Kaiser.

Any info would be welcome! Thanks, DP.
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