June 28th, 2010

dripping hair

The BAchelorette

Does anyone have the Ali season (NOW) of The BAchelorette on DVD that I could borrow?

I'm dying here.

(It's sick I know. And yes I know I can watch it online but I don't have a reliable connection. No VHS ability either.)


iPhone 4s?

*EDIT* - I just ordered one online. Fuck waiting in line.

I want to get one, are all the stores sold out again? There is no online information about their availability at this time. If there is an iPhone app that tells you where you can go buy a new iPhone, it doesn't help me, as I don't have an iPhone.


damn massage

I looked in the tagged entries for this, but most of the recommendations are either a year+ old or far from me.

I have chronic back pain and am currently in physical therapy for it, but I'd like to get a massage as well. I'm looking for recommendations of places downtown (preferable) or somewhere close-in. Please recommend a practitioner as well as a place. Thanks, all!