June 27th, 2010

Push Button For POPSICLES

What the . . .

I just got up to go pee about ten minutes ago.

The sun is bright and shining.

I looked at my cell phone clock and it said 6:25AM. This seemed wrong.

My girlfriend looked at her phone and it said the same.

So did my iPod, plugged into my computer.

My computer clock, however, read 5:25AM.

What is going on?


I'm looking to buy dahlias in bulk next Saturday and it seems that, thanks to the weather this spring, they're not ready yet! I've called 3 farms but I don't have a ton of time on my hands... anyone know for certain of a farm that is selling dahlias already? I can go meet them at the farmer's market or drive out to their location... either works for me.

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Never Give Up Hope


Hey DPers...

I know there's a Blues Festival... I know there's Ft. Vancouver again... but what the hell else is happening on 4th of July that a Portlander without a burned American Flag can do?

Any festivities ? Eh? Eh? I'm not opposed to crowded the bridges to watch the Waterfront firework display. Just wondering, really.
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Allergists you'd like to recommend? Specifically for seasonal allergies; looking into immunotherapy (ie shots) and I just switched to regular insurance after being on Kaiser all my life, so this whole having-to-actually-find-your-own-doctors thing is new to me...