June 26th, 2010


Any other DPers have this problem? I can no longer log into YouTube, apparently.

X-posted to computerhelp but I thought I'd ask here too.

Okay, I am having a VERY frustrating problem. The other day I connected my YouTube and Google accounts (or something like that) and just now I wanted to "connect" my YouTube account with Twitter so I could send my YT activities there. It told me I had to log out so I did. But when I tried to log back in, it told me my username and password were no longer supported and that I had to log in using my Google account. So I did, and it said my password was incorrect. I went through a whole rigmarole of resetting my password (even though I KNOW it was right), and I was finally able to log in--or so I thought. After logging into my Google account, it takes me to ANOTHER login page, this one for YouTube itself, and it told me to put my YouTube username and password in to "connect" with Google. However, I have already done this, so when I enter my username/password and click Add (there is no way to skip this step!) I get the pink bar that tells me the account is already connected to Google under a different username, and it still won't log me in! How do I log into my YouTube account now? I originally connected Google to YouTube in Google Chrome, now I'm using Firefox 3.6.4, could the different browser be a problem?

edit: augh, FINALLY. After an hour of digging through the YT help files I finally found the solution--I had to unlink my Google and YouTube accounts, and after doing so I was able to log into YouTube with my YT username and password.

Who wants to buy 3 weeks' worth veggies/berries from a CSA?

We get organic vegetables from a CSA every Wednesday and will be out of town for the next 3 pick ups (June 30, July 7, July 14). We would like to sell our share to someone who is interested. It's officially a "small" box which has either a ton of veggies and some berries for one person or a good amount for two people - here is what a sample box has http://www.helsingfarmcsa.com/sample-boxes.php - the cost is $26 per week; we'd be happy with $75 for the 3 weeks. The pick-up location is near NE MLK and Fremont and is Wednesdays between 3 and 9. You would just tell the people at that station that you're picking up for us, sign off for us, and they're yours. Because we leave the area this Wednesday morning, we would need someone who can pay us the money any day before then, and then we can tell you the exact location. It's a great way to get a lot of organic veggies and some fruit, plus it supports a local farm.

Any takers?