June 25th, 2010


Yard Sale!!

Yard Sale fundraiser for my softball team Cleats O' Fire today and tomorrow (Fri+Sat) from 9am-6pm on the corner of NE 25th and NE Holman. Come buy our cheap stuff and help us fund our tournament trip to Vegas this year! 

Plus various home baked goods for to feed your sugar habit :)


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Dear travel-savvy DPers, where do you look for flight deals online? I usually check Kayak and Orbitz, but feel like I must be missing out on some other good options. Thanks for your help!

(I checked the tags for pointers, but wasn't having much luck.)

ETA: Thanks for all the tips! DP saved me a hundred bucks -- yay!
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 Simon is back home, as of yesterday afternoon, and doing well. He was very bright-eyed and responding very well when I picked him up. I was really worried on how everything would go for my little feline friend, but, it went better than they had hoped.

The surgical vet had to extract 10 of his teeth; some had already fallen out or were so rotted that they virtually dissolved when getting the "pry-bar" in there. He lost his top incisors as well as most of his "molars", and kept the bottom incisors as well as the in-between teeth on front and bottom also. Overall, 90%-ish of his teeth are gone.

He's doing great...his demeanor has relaxed and he is very chill now. He's been following me around MORE than he normally does and is currently here in the computer room with me atop the back of my computer chair, dozing off.

Again...to everyone who sent their well-wishes and / or donated...you are awesome people and you and your kindness is appreciated more than you know!

I'll post pics tomorrow sometime of Simon.

Have a great weekend!



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Lost n found skateboard

I found a really nice skateboard at the 158th/merlo max stop just a few minutes ago. I took it with me and left a note with my contact info in the spot where it was. If anyone is missing their awesome skateboard, let me know! I'll contact trimet's lost and found too.

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Portland Lesbian Choir Concert TOMORROW Saturday 6/26 7:30pm

Come have fun with us, watch ladies in teacup costumes dance to Java Jive.  We've got an eclectic mix of music we're singing and we hope you'll come to hear...

The Portland Lesbian Choir presents, "Let the Sun Shine In," Saturday, June 26th, 7:30pm at Rose City Park United Methodist Church, 5830 NE Alameda Street, Portland 97213. The Choir will perform popular selections to "Nourish Mind, Body and Soul," under the direction of Kirsten Hart, supported by Assistant Director Anya Lysak and Accompanist Sarah Jarvinen. Tickets are $12 at the door/ $10 advance, available at the Flying Cat Coffee Company, 3401 SE Division Street. Students and seniors receive a $2 discount, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. After the concert join us for a get-together and dance party (no-host) at the Egyptian Club!  There's even a coupon on the E-room website (www.eroompdx.com) to waive the cover charge, or bring your program for half price admission.

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The concert includes a benefit for Esther's Pantry, which provides food for those living with HIV and AIDS. Donations of non-perishable food items will earn entry into a raffle sponsored by Just Out.
Next fall begins our next season, and we are looking for women of all ages and any level of musical skill to join our non-auditioned chorus for great singing and good times. For more information, contact the PLC at portlandlesbianchoir@hotmail.com or www.plchoir.org and visit us on Facebook.
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OnLive + Selling things

Just wanted to give my fellow DP Gamer friends a heads up, OnLive a new service is currently taking reservations for "founder memberships" which is the first year free (instead of the 5$ a month) and its a great service for those of us that don't have monster machines (I do, but shh).

What it is: Basicaly its a cloud computing based gaming service, you launch OnLive and can rent/buy games on there and play them without having to render anything on your computer. aka, the cloud computers do all the processing for you and all you have to do is be able to run the client. Also no installs for each game, its just on the fly gaming. Its really nice, I applied last week and got a founder membership.

Also I'm still selling the following if anyone wants to check them out:

PowerMac G4 $100 obo
APC Smart UPS: $100 obo
Teac real to real $150 obo
NETGEAR NAS (network attached storage) SC101: $40 obo

Thanks guys.


Hey. I'd like to start selling prints of my photography, but I dunno where to start. Should I just go to Pro Photo Supply and buy a bunch of prints to sell or is there anything better? My ideal would be to use some sort of web gallery software to do a print-on-demand shop. Any suggestions?