June 24th, 2010

Dear Cyclist, I'm Sorry!

Dear Cyclist,
I just wanted to say sorry for freaking you out. I was moving from the right lane across the bike lane into a turning lane (to turn right onto 2nd street) in the intersection right off of the hawthorne bridge. I always make it a point to check for cyclists behind me and actually stopped to let two cyclists go ahead of me before turning into the right turn lane. You must have been going fast or in one of my blind spots because I didn't see you at all. I had my window rolled down and you screamed "Pay Attention!" at me. I didn't mean to scare you if you were in the lane and am sorry if I freaked you out but I did check and looked behind my right shoulder several times and I swear I didn't see you coming behind me. I hope you are not too shaken and had a good rest of your day. I'll try to be even more attentive when I am at this intersection. I swear I am not like those other drivers!
mo'fucka, wayne manor

music tonight

hey all,
If you've got no plans tonight and like bluegrass/ folky string music, you should consider coming to the whiskey bar downtown. gotta pimp my friends, fruition string band. they always put on a great show. 9pm, $7. And if you see this crazy girl dancing near the stage, feel free to interrupt and say hi.


technological info - i don't has it

Can anyone help me with a word doc to pdf conversion question?

I need to convert a word doc to a pdf - fine, I can manage that basic task. But, I need to have one page that has no page number, some of the page numbers in the final version be in roman numerals and some in regular numbers (basically like a book would have - no numbers on the title page, then pre-body text numbers, then actual body text numbers). Does anyone know how to make this happen?

many many thanks in advance!

EDIT: Thanks DP! You helped me, you really helped me!
flowers in palm

I scream, You scream

Happy Sunny Day, DPers!

The pressing question of the evening is "Where can we buy Umpqua ice cream in Portland?" It's harder to find than we thought....

Thanks in advance!

Thanks everyone! We found it at New Seasons last night. Mountain Blackberry Revel, mmmmm. Now to find the Bordeaux Cherry....