June 23rd, 2010

Wedding Flowers?

I had a person doing my flowers.. then she decided she was to busy (sitting on her butt at home watching tv being unemployed) to do the flowers for my wedding. It's not until 10.10.10 so I have time to find someone else, so I turn to you :) Anyone you loved? I don't have a huge budget so on the cheaper side would be nice :)

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does anyone have any recommendations or stories of home care providers in the area? i'm looking for providers in aftercare for patients fairly incapacitated after major surgery. i'm not really sure where to start looking.

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Sweet mother of jeebus, did anyone see that US/Algeria World Cup game that just ended? That was one of the best sporting events I've ever seen. Period.

tl;dr, we beat 'em 1-0 with barely any time left on the clock and survived the first round of the World Cup. Awesome.
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Has anybody applied with them recently? I just sent in my information, but I'm wondering how long it takes, generally, for them to get back to you.

Basically, I'm hoping I don't have to come back up here two days after I go back home.

ETA: Apply as in "send in my resume and application for a job." I've never known anything that makes you apply for a subscription.

X-raying inanimate object

I need to x-ray an inanimate object (basically - it's a piece composed of wooden layers, and I want to see how the different layers are built. It's built one of two ways and I know it's one or the other, but disassembling the layers to find out would completely ruin it. Anyone work at an imaging lab that I can come run it through real quick? :)
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(coffee and beer in) the other 'couve

so i'll be going to vancouver, bc in july and i've never been. i'm specifically interested in finding good beer bars/brewpubs and places i can get good coffee/espresso, but i'll also take recommendations on good restaurants, must-see stuff, where i can get good poutine, and any other canada-y stuff i shouldn't miss.

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So I met Timothy Hutton today...

He's filming "Leverage" on Reed campus, and after weeks of taking a different route, I decided to swing that way.

And my dog was playing with a dog that is either his or belongs to someone he knows, so when he took a break between takes and called the one dog over, mine chased along (well, maybe with a little encouragement from me), and he petted the dogs.

I haven't met too many celebrities; I think the last one that I met was Bob Guccione, and his powder blue jogging suit and gold chains against his exposed chest were so distracting--as were the the many rings on his hand that I was trying to shake--that it was difficult to choke out, "It's an honor to meet you Mr. Guccione," when we were introduced.

Anyway, being a fan of Timothy Hutton's, I figured I had to say something, but I wanted to keep it simple so as not to come off as a freak, so as he was about to leave, I said, "Hey man, I've been a fan since 'Taps'."  To that, he replied, "Thanks, man."  No pepper spray or anything.  What a cool guy.


Oh great DPers,

I'm doing a photoshoot for some friends on Monday and we need a deserty area (think Fort Rock). The only problem is, we don't want to drive 5 hours to get there. We're looking to go possibly past the Cascades, or at least far enough out there that it probably won't rain even if it's raining here in Portland.

Any of you know any hidden wonders like that? I've tried the Parks and Recreation website, but most of that seems to be camping areas near lakes and stuff like that, and we're looking for a lot more of a rocky waste land.

Thanks for any help you can give =)
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Kitty cat surgery.

 For those of you who have been following the surgical adventures of Simon the Siamese Wonder Cat, he heads into surgery at 7am tomorrow morning (Thursday).

I'll update for those that have asked to be "kept in the loop".

Seriously guys...thanks. You're all awesome and you rock!