June 22nd, 2010

Nikon D200

You people amaze me (And by that I mean in such a good way!)

For those of you who have bought prints / donated to the Simon the Siamese Wonder Cat Surgery Fund I just want to say that I am in awe and insanely humbled at how many people have helped out.

I thank you, the girl thanks you, and Simon thanks you. From the bottom of all our hearts.

All of you are so amazing - from the well wishes to the donations...you all rock!

I'll update on the day of the surgery and then continue to post after with a few pics thrown in once he is a little less groggy from the pain-meds and is a bit more like his cat self.

Again, thank you.

one question
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looking for a bar

yeah, can't throw a rock without hitting one. but what's your favorite that matches these criteria?

1) within 2 miles of SE 12th/hawthorne (cartopia)
2) open til 1:30am tonight (*full* kitchen included)
3) serves good snackable food (ie not just meals). can be just deep fried pub food, but needs be non-nasty.
4) offers good throughput on food orders

i almost selected montage but it seems a little too involved for 20+ people to order and get out of there in a timely fashion, which is the goal.

thanks for your input.

Lucid Management/Perfume Scam PSA

So, I'm sure you guys all have encountered the people who try to sell you perfume and cologne right off the street from their little bags they carry with them.

I just encountered them because they came into my store and tried to sell to me AND sell us product for the store. A porn store. I tried to be nice and tell them that people come here to get off, not smell nice, and they retorted with "But they can smell good while they get off if you buy our stuff!". And they tried to tell me that they weren't soliciting, which is bullshit.

I have the name of the "company" they work for and the guy was nice enough to leave his name and phone number with me. I'm going to be calling the phone number that is listed when you search for Lucid Management in Beaverton and hopefully leaving a complaint, and reporting them, I just don't know WHO to report them to.


Also, I'm located on 82nd and Flavel, so if you work/live around there, they might bother you too. The group I encountered was two males, one female. The ginger, glasses wearing guy did most of the talking, laid on the charm a bit much, and the female didn't say ANYTHING at all while the second guy piped in every once in a while. Ginger Guy is also apparently okay with violating personal space bubbles as he put his arms and hands on my counter and was leaning over it the entire time he was talking to me.

Just so's ya know.
Say Anything

Meetup tonight!

Last and final friendly reminder about the meetup! It's tonight! :D

7pm at McMenamin's Tavern and Pool

1716 Northwest 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210-2504

Come join us! If for some reason we're not there when you show up (more than likely any time after 7:30), we might be over at New Old Lompoc for trivia (which apparently goes until 9:30?)!

1616 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97210

Hope to see you there, the last few meetups have been a lot of fun!
Enjoy the weather!
Push Button For POPSICLES


Does anyone have a copy of C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design that I can borrow for two weeks?

I am pretty poor, but maybe I have something you would like to borrow in exchange? Perhaps I can haul something for you in my pick-up?


Please don't link me to Amazon/Half/Powell's/CL showing me copies of the book. I have already purchased a copy of the book; it is just not arrived yet and my class has started.
tm opera astoria
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tm opera

Tomorrow we're staging a one-night-only show of the one-act version of the Too Much Coffee Man Opera for the music fest in Astoria. They already sold out but they're fitting in more seats. I don't expect anyone to drive out to see it, but if you know someone in the area who would be interested, please spread the word. And if some LJ people do make it out please say hello.
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