June 21st, 2010

Sherlock is tired of your bullshit


DamnTravellers (and those who don't travel, but just have really active imaginations)!

My most recent project that I'm working on is a sort of worst-case-scenario collection of trying to get as many What-Ifs to actually happen to one person. My question for you on this fine evening is what sorts of bizarre, strange, or just horrific "what-ifs" have gone through your mind whilst travelling. Any mode of transportation, and the more (and more ridiculous) the better.

Sunday Night Fun?

My friend is turning 21 on Sunday. (Finally!) We're going to go to Henry's for food and drink/beers (yay all day happy hour!) but now I need to come up with something else. I don't want to take her around to a bunch of bars so she can get totally hammered; we have to work the next morning (and she's TINY, so it won't take much.)

It doesn't look like there are any places one can go dancing on Sundays, which would have been the best option. (Right?) Anyone know of any live music on Sunday in the downtown area? Or, conversely, another place in the Pearl/NW/Old Town that would treat a birthday girl to a drink?

Thanks DeePee!

Eugene/Veneta camping

The time for Oregon Country Fair draws near. I'm wondering if anybody knows of a list of decent campgrounds that take reservations for tent sites and have a shower, near Veneta (in the Eugene area). Additional caveat: one must be able to actually SLEEP at said campground during country fair. I'd love for there to be a firepit and some socializing, but all-night drum circles and shirtless kids running through the forest on ecstasy, not so much.

The reason I ask is that Camp Serene is closed to OCF camping this year. It fit this bill exactly last year.

I'm having trouble finding useful information on Google, the OR state and Lane County sites, and anyway, I'm looking for personal recommendations. Our other option is an RV park, and ... meh.

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kurt che

Two rooms for rent in close-in NE Portland

Oops. False alarm. Turns out the landlord is actually _selling_ the place, not just renting the other two rooms out. Which means i get to find a new place to live, too. Great.

Hey kiddies, I need two housemates here. House is recently remodeled, plenty of storage, with two rooms open: a 2nd-floor suite with its own full bathroom, and a smaller 1st floor one with a shared bathroom.

House is located right by the Alberta district, by NE 6th & Alberta. Close to the PCC Cascade campus, the #6/8/72 bus lines, etc.

Yes, and dogs are allowed.

Email for more info.
Say Anything


Tomorrow is 4th Tuesday, and we all know that means another swell DP Meetup!

Last month we got bored and decided once the food was consumed we'd bar hop over to Joe's Cellar and enjoy some dive bar hospitality and enlightenment... What does this month hold? Maybe hopping over to New Old Lompoc for trivia? More dive bar exploration? Who knows, but you should show up!

If you're under 21, let us know! We'd love to have you join us, it just means if we get tired of McMenamin's that evening we'll have to plan our fun accordingly so you can join us, unless we've frightened you off by that point!

7pm, usual start time.

McMenamin's Tavern and Pool
1716 Northwest 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210-2504
(503) 227-0929