June 18th, 2010

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nerd alert

Hey DP'ers, I'm sure some of you are (t-mobile) G1 / HTC Dream mobile phone owners. Have you rooted? I'm inching ever closer to attempting to make the phone not lag so much by rooting and installing cyanogen. Anyone have experience with the process?


Where in the PSU area or southern half of downtown can I find a place that serves steak but doesn't cost an arm and a leg? (ie not Morton's). Thanks.

Visions In Taffeta ride! Tonight!!!

Q: What are you doing at 7:30 this evening?

A: Donning your ugliest bridesmaid dress and heading out to Dawson Park (N Williams and Stanton) for hairdo's, flower-making, and bike decorating! We ride at 8. Expect a sweet stop, so bring a few bucks. The ride will be about 6 miles and will meet up with the Prom Ride at Colonel Summers Park around 9. See you there!
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Looking for Photoshop work

So, I have a job - and I hate it. I've been saying for a long time that I should leave, but with the job market the way it has been, and being busy at my current job all day, etc. I haven't really been looking. Recently the CEO sent out a letter to the employees that essentially said "I'd like the company to make a lot of money, so none of you get raises this year, either" which was pretty much the last straw for me.

I don't have a college degree or any kind of formal career training, but I do have about eleven years of experience using Photoshop, and I'm pretty good with it: editing, retouching, web graphics.. the usual. I figure that must be worth something, but I don't really know where to go from here.

I guess at this point I'm looking for any advice I can get. Is it realistically possible to find steady work that pays decently where your primary qualification for the job is "good with Photoshop", or am I vastly underqualified without also having fabulous art skills/design skills/a degree? Are there any professional organizations that would have helpful information or resources? (I did a little Googling and didn't find any, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there.) Do you know anyone who's looking to hire someone to wrangle pixels on a regular basis?

I can't afford to quit my job and go freelance, so that's not an option.. though it should be possible to squeeze in some small side projects here and there.

Any nuggets of info you have to offer are appreciated, unless they're just snark for snark's sake.

What is this?

Dear all-knowing DP:

What is this thing hanging from the power line in front of my bedroom window and should I be concerned that someone is scanning my brain waves? It was not there yesterday. Note the little green LED. What is it?

Edited to clarify - the little dangly wire does not connect to anything, just hangs in space, pointed towards my window. It's definitely attached to the power line, not phone or cable.