June 16th, 2010

Say Anything

3rd Tuesday, already?

That's right, folks! NEXT Tuesday is 4th Tuesday, and we all know that means another swell DP Meetup!

Last month we got bored and decided once the food was consumed we'd bar hop over to Joe's Cellar and enjoy some dive bar hospitality and enlightenment... What does this month hold? Maybe hopping over to New Old Lompoc for trivia? More dive bar exploration? Who knows, but you should show up!

If you're under 21, let us know! We'd love to have you join us, it just means if we get tired of McMenamin's that evening we'll have to plan our fun accordingly so you can join us, unless we've frightened you off by that point!

McMenamin's Tavern and Pool
1716 Northwest 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210-2504
(503) 227-0929

Come hang out! I'm sure now that I'm back in the groove I'll be posting again a few times before the meetup!

And way to go me for accidentally posting this in MY journal at first, big thanks to everyone who poked me!

Contractors next door helping themselves to my property

So, the house next door to me is vacant, has been for some time. The previous owners foreclosed and the bank owned it for a while, new owner trying to flip it, yadda yadda.   That’s all fine and good.  They have had some contractors coming in to fix some things, none of which I have a problem with.


One of the things is overgrown trees, bushes, etc. They hired a landscaper, which is great… yet when I left for work this morning I had discovered my yard debris bin, whish HAD been sitting on the side of my house, as it always had, with my garbage and recycling, was missing.  A quick scan revealed that these contractors had taken it upon themselves to take my bin and drag it from my resident to their back yard to fill with their yard debris. 




I ‘saved’ it before it had been used (their lawn was littered with large branches and foliage) and secured it behind a locked gate in my back yard.


Now, am I out of line here in thinking that rude?  I mean, they have their own yard debris bin and are, assumedly, using it. It’s smaller than mine but that’s not really the point, is it?  Shouldn’t they be removing their own debris, not piggybacking on a neighbor who’s actually paying for the service?


Is it just me, or is it Portland?  Maybe it’s the weather….


Up for grabs: Two Free Floor Protectors for Desk Chairs

You know those thick sheets of clear plastic used to protect your floors from the constant back-and-forth rolling of ones desk chair?  We have two that we don't want, and would like to find a home for.  They measure approximately 40 x 48 inches.  We bought them at Ikea a year ago ($20 each).  They were used for a year, and so need to be cleaned, but there are no cracks or major damage.  They are currently on our front porch, so there's no need to make an appointment to pick them up.

We're in the NE on 76th between Halsey & Glisan.  Let me know if you want one or both, and I'll send you my address via LJ private message.
Lego Castle Making

Birthday Mission

My birthday is next week! WOo. Who cares. What I *DO* care about is finding all those lovely places to get free stuff - besides Rogue. I'm feeling cheap this year :) Most of the places I'm finding are free meals and sadly, I'm a 3-meal a day kinda person.

Edit: DAMMIT, I forgot about the tags! So stupid. I guess I should add I'm looking for less chain-y places and more local PDX joints. Maybe we can condense those billion posts into one?

So far there's:

- Free Rogue Pint
- Free Meal @ Anna The Thai
- Free Meal with purchase on another meal @ Todai

-Free appetizer @ Joe's Crab Shack (via their email list) - good to use within 14 days of it being sent
-Benihana (They mail you a $30 certificate if you sign up for their Chef's Table to use within your bday month)


Need to find: Sniff tissues

 Hey - 

Does anyone know where to find Sniff brand tissues.  They are those little packages of (about 6-8?) that come printed with all kinds of patterns and pictures.  I need to buy several and don't have time to do it online to be shipped.  Thanks in advance.

Moving to Portland


I'm moving to Portland in August and have a couple questions:

1. Where is a nice, young, place to live?

2. Farmers Markets?

3. Suggestions of places to make some new friends :)

Thanks! I'm really excited to move up there!

fly away

Sales Post

Okay, I hate to do this, but I'm moving tomorrow (yikes!), and in a last ditch effort to sell my large items, I thought I'd see if anyone in DP is in the market for a bed, a couch, a TV, or some bar stools.

We just moved in to this house 6 months ago, and bought the bed set and the couch new in Jan/Feb, so these things are in great condition. I am moving tomorrow and am only going to be renting a room, so I really don't have room for all this stuff.

If anyone is interested or knows anyone else who is interested, please get in touch! Pick up for everything is in Hillsboro. Links to Craigslist ads: 

king bed set: http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/fuo/1792160420.html

bar stools: http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/fuo/1787679161.html

couch: http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/fuo/1787650926.html -- SOLD! =)

27" TV: http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/ele/1795586117.html

I also have 2 white and 2 red Ikea "lack" side tables I need to find a new home for! 

I'm open to hearing offers and I swear I'll give you a great deal if you mention DP!

(edited to add bar stools)

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

ETA: I swear I didn't see the post below before I posted this.  Apparently this horrible weather is killing us all?!

Do you have a doctor (general practitioner, family practitioner, internist, what have you) who you really like? I'm open to NPs, too.

I know this question has been asked a million times, but I checked the tags and none of the tagged posts gave me quite what I'm looking for (though I did find out what to do in a variety of medical emergencies, yay!).

So, what I'm looking for:
  • NE or SE, somewhere between, say, 33rd and 102nd (have car so this is flexible, but I don't want to drive a million miles if possible--I do have easy access to I-84 though)
  • Preferably female (again, flexible)
  • Someone who listens to patients and doesn't just write prescriptions willy-nilly, assuming they'll solve all your problems
Really, those are my main criteria. I thankfully have insurance (BCBS, if it matters), but I've spent the afternoon scouring my insurance company's list, looking up reviews online, and calling offices only to find that many of these doctors aren't accepting new patients.  Frustrating. So I figured it couldn't hurt to post here and see if y'all have some recommendations.  Thanks!
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On the Move

Forbes Map: Where Americans are Moving

Forbes has a pretty nifty interactive map of all the counties in the United States. By selecting one you can see the migration patterns into and out of that particular county.

The one for Multnomah County is interesting in that while there were quite a few people from California who migrated in, there are just as many from other parts of the US in addition to Oregon who moved here.

The map has rollovers of the counties where the people are moving to or from the area with statistics such as how many and the per capita income.

You can clear the lines on the map to select other areas to look at such as Los Angeles, Manhattan or simply click on a county.