June 15th, 2010

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brown man's vest...

Hey yo, DP!

I've got a friend who is going to be a groomsman in a wedding coming up this next week. Only problem is that Sunday he went to 5 stores and yesterday he and I went to something ridiculous like 9 stores with no luck. Turns out "brownish/khaki" men's vests are a "fall" thing, and not a "summer" thing.

How silly is that?

So I was wondering if anyone on DP had a medium sized brown men's vest that they'd sell to him/me for cheap. We did find a dark gray one that he settled on, but I think there's someone on here who has a brown vest they don't need anymore.


Damn traffic lights

Has anyone driven through the new interchanges on Burnside/Sandy/14th yet? I understand that some lanes merge but the lights don't make a lot of sense. Why, for example, does traffic on Burnside going east have to stop at 14th at all?

Edited to add: the stoplight on Burnside and 14th is the one I have particular issue with.

free timbers tickets!

 ...are the prize for tonight's winning trivia team at the Cheerful Tortoise.  Also up for grabs: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia lapel pins, Captain Morgan t-shirts, bar tab discounts, and maybe a DVD or two of Chuck Norris' best work.  Yours truly is hosting the evening, 9pm.  And I may have some free tchotchkes on hand for any DPs who find their way down there. :)
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Awesome realtor rec for SE PDX area (Lent neighborhood)?

We will be selling our home around spring/summer of next year due to a move out of state so want to get one or two appraisals now from a couple of realtors to get an idea of (a) the current value of our home since the housing market went tits up since we purchased it a few years ago and (b) to determine where to invest re: smaller home improvements in the interim in order to help improve the overall value of the home by the time of sale next year.

I.E. Do we build that deck out back in the yard, do we return the custom colored painted walls to white or not, etc.

We are looking for a realtor or two who are very expereienced, knowledgable in our area of town (Lent Neighborhood - SE 77th near Foster, Holgate).

If anyone has any personal recommendations I'd appreciate hearing from you. PM if you prefer not to post a response here.

Thanks in advance, LJ peeps.

No spam pls. or recommendations for your Cousin Olaf's new gig at selling houses. :o)

Can anyone translate Japanese to English for me?

Having a hard time trying to woprk out my own translation and no one in my immediate circle speaks Japanese.

The term I am looking to translate is "No one will even remember who you were."

The closest I have is "Dare mo oboeru koto o okonatte i nai" but given it is a web-based transaltion I can not be sure it is 100% accurate.

I have a Japanese dictionary but am horrible with syntax.  Can anyone throw me a bone here?

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Catching feral cats.

There's a pair of feral cats at my parents' new rental property I'm going to try to catch tomorrow. They were being fed by the previous tenant (who moved out in a huff after Dad made the apparently totally unreasonable demand of asking her to pick up her dog's crap and get rid of the trampoline with no barriers that was carefully positioned on a cement pad next to a rock-lined koi pond and a hurricane fence after one of her kids broke an arm on it, good riddance I say). Anyways, most of the feral colony dispersed with no one to feed them, but there's two 4 to 5 months old kittens still hanging around. I'm going to try to catch them tomorrow and take them to Bonnie Hays unless one of you guys wants them.