June 14th, 2010


Volunteer beauty professionals?

Is there a local association/guild/union/whatever for beauty professionals that would be a good place for me to advertise this volunteer opportunity?

Thanks for any input, DPers!

Beauty professionals, we need you!

The Marie Smith Center is a day center for seniors and disabled adults located at 4616 N Albina Ave (right across from the Albina Press). We provide an essential service to our clients and their caregivers, helping people age in place and not enter nursing homes.

As beauty professionals, I’m sure you understand the impact your services have on a person’s quality of life. As we age and become less independent, this only becomes more true. If you think you look bad, you feel bad; if you think you look good, you feel good!

I am hoping to recruit a volunteer hair stylist and perhaps a nail technician to serve clients at the Marie Smith Center twice a month in the early afternoons.

If this wonderful volunteer opportunity interests you, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator Vasa Morgan at 503-802-0451, vmorgan@voaor.org.


Lion King

I was about to post this on craigslist but figure I'd see if anybody here wants first dibs. I have 2 tickets for the Lion King at the Keller this Friday at 7:30. Seats are for the 1st balcony. Full price tickets are $49 each, I'm selling for $25 each. Shoot me an email! sporkqueen42 at gmail.

Edit: Sold!

good music library?

Hey all, I'm looking for a pretty obscure piece of work (Tis Sunset in the Garden by William Grant Still with lyrics by Langston Hughes).  I cannot for the life of me find where I put my copy.  I searched the online catalog for multnomah county and they don't seem to have it.  I called PSU's music department and spoke with someone there, she wasn't sure their library would be available to me since I'm not a student there, plus she said their library was mostly unavailable anyway, it's been packed up because they're moving buildings in August.  She did not have any suggestions of other local schools that might have good music libraries I could check.
Where else should I try?  Is this mission impossible?

PS - weather.com says it is currently 57 but the predicted high is 71.  Who thinks this is likely?

Summer officially begins next week...

Push Button For POPSICLES

Grass Trimmeringness

Sooo, I know they make these things for gas trimmers (No, I'm not going to get a gas trimmer again. I had one and I traded it in for a discount on repairs on my mower because the electric is quieter.), but I am trying to find one for my electric trimmer.

It's one of those stringless, blade-y things that replaced the original cap and and string spool. Instead it'll have like three little plastic articulated blades on it, or maybe heartier strings, but just ones that clip on and not a spool.

Basically, I'm trying to avoid having to wind string or overspend on shitty string by buying pre-wound spools, which just happens to create more garbage.

I even found one replacement that makes winding really easy, but it's still for a gas-powered trimmer.

dripping hair

Livin in the Convention Center

So I just moved to the Convention Center area. I haven't had a chance to stroll the neighborhood yet (but will!) but it seems very commercial. With that said, any suggestion for places or businesses to visit in close proximity?

I'm thinking these but feel free to suggest more:

-coffee shops that serve more than coffee
-free wifi spots
-must visit places

Thanks DP!
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So my idea to casually toss my cell phone onto the couch backfired and now I need a new lamp. Problem is that apparently they don't make that lamp any more. My mom got the lamp at Z Gallerie a few years ago.

Here's a picture of the other lamp. Does anyone have this lamp that they'd be willing to sell? I can come pick it up.

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If you go to Newsweek.com and hit


You'll get some interesting news. I totally thought this sounded like bullshit, but it works. Just use the arrow keys. No idea how long this will stay up...


FYI Corrosion Records is selling tickets for the Psychedelic Furs/She Wants Revenge show! if you buy them through Corrosion Records it's only $26, if you buy them through tickemaster it will run you $36.20 with all their fun service charges! so if you buy two tickets through here you would be saving $20.40...i think that is well worth a trip to the store!

Corrosion Records
3341 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97214
(503) 234-2045

steve perry is amused

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Hey DP! So just letting you all in on a deal a local portrait studio is having! If you make an appointment for THIS week at the Flash portraits in clackamas town center you get a free session and 2 free 8X10's!

The number is 503-654-4909
This is portland related for many reasons! Here let me list them!

I work there!
It's in portland!
We all like free stuff!

Also, if you'd like to check the website out it's www.flashportraits.com