June 12th, 2010


Helping a friend

Hello all you beautiful DPers!

I have a friend that may be moving to Portland soon and I am trying to do what I can to help him out since I can't move him into my apartment. Currently unemployed and homeless so that hinders finding answers to some of the things he may need. He has food stamps so that is at least one good thing! If there is age limits to the things available, he will be 40 this year so I hope that helps. :)

My Googlefu is presenting too many options for this so I am feeling overwhelmed and need someone to help me out. I am looking for the best prepaid cell phone plans out there. I don't understand why a daily fee is something worth it. Most of the major carriers seem to have this. Maybe I'm just not understanding the logic behind it? Anyways, I really just need to figure out which would work the best for someone who wouldn't really need more than minimal talking and maybe some texting. The easier the better. Lack of income leaves cricket out even though that would be so perfect.

Anyone have good info on some good homeless shelters or places for people who have very little to no income can stay? Men's shelters and if it was queer friendly that would be a bonus too.

I just want to make his landing as smooth as possible in Portland. I know what it's like to start with nothing and have to make it work. I had many good friends who helped me out and I am returning the favor to the universe.

Any other things you think may be important to think about that I haven't asked? That would be great too! Thanks DP!
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Cause y'all are awesome at this...

I'm trying to think of songs to pump up the ladies for our race tomorrow.  I'm thinking fun, upbeat songs, with an added bonus for those by or about strong women. 

Also, thanks to those of you who came out last weekend to our marathon of fundraisers... we really appreciate it! 

More Dragon Boat racing tomorrow @ Waterfront Park!