June 11th, 2010


Picnic Spots

Hey Deeps, if you were having a picnic this weekend, which park would you choose, and why? I've been to Washington Park, Laurelhurst Park, Colonel Summers Park, and the park on NW Glisan and 20th-ish. My friends and I live in a scattered-around-the-city kind of way so something that would be kind of centralized would be ideal. Thanks!

Tour Groups

I'm looking to do some traveling again but have no travel companions.  Any recommendations on exceptional tour group companies?  Ones that are not a cruise ship.  I'd like to get a taste of some places I'd be a little uncomfortable trying to explore alone due to language barriers.  I'm specifically looking at the eastern mediterranean including Athens and Istanbul and something including the Great Wall of China.

Thank you DP Oracle!

Wedding judges?

Hey y'all,

New to this whole marriage thing. Having our own little private ceremony but we understand that in order to make things OFFICIAL, we need to arrange some time with a Multnomah judge. Anyone get married recently? Can you recommend a judge? This is not the most important part of the process for us, but we'd still like it to be a nice experience.

I appreciate any insight. Thanks.


Hey DP

Are any of you skilled with working with wood, and want to make some money? I'm going to be getting a baby Tegu (lizards with freakish growth rates that get huge) soon, and I'm needing someone to construct a custom cage for me.

I'm NOT looking for anything fancy, as I can't afford anything fancy. I'm looking to pay around $150, with some wiggle room for more if needed.

What I basically need is a 5-6x2x2 wooden box, with a door that latches. (door with window and locks, like this- http://market.kingsnake.com/detail.php?cat=22&de=676005)

Plywood is fine. It just needs to be sanded, and sealed inside with water-based polyurethane. I plan on adding other features myself (like vinyl flooring, unless you can do that too) Or, if it doesn't cost more, melamine makes a fantastic cage floor.

Please note the holes drilled in the wood- this is for ventilation. The top of the cage also needs to have some mesh installed (at least ten inches, as that's the diameter of my heating lamp) Another option for ventilation is actually installing vents. These would have to be placed towards the top of the cage (but on the sides) so that the lizard wouldn't be able to injure itself on them.

If anyone thinks that they can do this project within my budget, please let me know. :) I've found some cages that fit what I'm looking for, but the shipping would be a killer. So why buy east coast, when I can buy local :D

Pedalpalooza 2010 Begins!

Have you checked out all the awesome bike events for Pedalpalooza? I attended the kick off ride last night and it was AWESOME. Who cares if it's still raining.. let's get outside and have some bike fun. DAMMIT!

Most of you damn portlanders should find these events entertaining.


I've heard that the Star Wars vs. Star Trek ride is not be missed. What events are you going to check out?