June 10th, 2010

Belmont/Hawthorne lockup

So as I was returning around1:30am from a friend in the 20th and Hawthorne area, we were noticing there were a SHIT TON of cop cars and cops walking down the streets with flash lights, cop cars stationed at street corners and ends and just random cops sitting around in between Hawth/Belmont. I live in the Belmont & 20th area myself and couldnt help but notice this slightly disconcerting phenomenon.

I asked one sunflower-seed-eating Constable leaning out of his car what was going on and he said they were looking for someone but they said everything was fine............

Anyone notice this?

Spending money

So -

I got some money back in tax refunds. Aside from paying bills off ...

I'd like to spend some money. In particular, I'm looking for a way to watch stuff on my TV that is originally on the 'net. I have a mac laptop, a non-HD TV, a netflix subscription and know what hulu is. I want to watch my netflix/hulu stuff on my TV instead of my 12" laptop. How can I go about this?

If I buy a video game console to do this, which one is the best? Playstation 3 looks to be the best between netflix access and games, though games are secondary.

Is there some other, secret thing, I should know about?

ETA: thanks everyone! It looks like a new HD TV and some cables is probably the way to go, depending on what the E3 conference has next week. Bummer. My non-HDTV is fairly large but I can't afford a big HDTV.

Shameless promotion #1: Upcoming concert & call for teacup dancers

You are hereby invited to a performance by the Portland Lesbian Choir, June 26th, 7:30 pm at Rose City Park United Methodist Church:

Tickets are $12 at the door or $10 in advance (from me - or anyone else in the choir - or at Flying Cat Coffee), but if you're poor ask about discounts cause we've got some.  There's also a canned goods drive for Esther's Pantry, which also gets you entered into a raffle sponsored by Just Out.  It's sure to be a great time, and there may be an afterparty at the E-room.

You can also catch us performing at Pride Saturday the 19th, 3:45-4:15, and stop by our booth for some sweet stickers.

Meanwhile...anyone possibly interested in getting into a fabulous teacup costume (your arms and legs poke out but the rest of you is a giant teacup and saucer) and dancing during one of our songs.  I was super excited about being a dancing teacup myself but turns out the sound doesn't carry so well through the costume.  If you are interested, leave your contact info here or message me with it & I'll get someone in touch with you...

Hey you damn nurses:

How's that working out for you?  Stressful?  Fascinating?  Soul-crushing?  Rewarding?  MRSA?  (It's the new arson.)  You gonna go NP or stick to an RN?

Also: what kind of nurse are you?  There seem to be as many nurses as their are pokémon.
C&H Fight

Desperate Need for Money$

So I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty desperate for money. I'm trying to get down and see my mom this weekend and pay a bill. I posted a while back selling a few things and the only thing that went was the bike, so here's my offer.

Powermac G4 was $150 obo, now $100 obo (thats a great running mac for 100 bucks)
APC smart UPS (uninterupted power supply) was $225 now $150 obo (thing is awesome for making sure you never lose any work when the power goes out, it even interacts with your computer.)
Teac A-4010 7" reel to reel, $125 obo. This thing is old and in GREAT condition.

Seriously, make me an offer, if it isn't too lowball and I don't have any other bidders, its yours.

Thanks agian for your time kids.

ask for pictures/info by reply
Tea whores unite secretly

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Dear damn legal-smart people...

What rules are there to protect someone in a job/internship from getting a bad reference or be sent away from the internship?

I had a six month internship lined up and after the first three months (a school term) they said "see ya!" and it was based on my attendance, which wasn't exemplary due to a "lovely" run of health issues including tearing muscles in my back and a run of bronchitis and a sinus infection trying to become pneumonia... I have documentation from my doctor because he didn't want me moving at all while my back was healing and, well, obviously not leaving the house while I was sick, but is there anything I can give to the company to say "look, I didn't want that to happen, but it did and I would appreciate you reconsider, this isn't like me and I'm really passionate about continuing this!"

Any advice would be great, it's been an unsavory day.

Edit: I should mention, I'm mostly curious so I don't run into this situation again...