June 9th, 2010

  • julip

Is this weird?

I moved two months ago and am on a new bus route. The driver just made it downtown in the same time that I can do in my car. Which is ok.

I do find it weird that she has left 4 of us sitting here while she has a smoke. I know that they have to pause when they get ahead of schedule but leaving riders unattended?

Gratutitous picture dump time!

Do you know what we haven't had in a while?
A gratuitous picture dump! Leading to a thread that takes 20 minutes to load!
So, if you want to play along, the theme of this picture dump is "My Last Vacation". Post a picture that represents your last vacation. If you can't remember your last vacation, post a picture of your NEXT vacation!

search and rescue

So I have been thinking for a while that I want to volunteer to do search and rescue. I am working on a degree and a career that will help me be able to help with the medical part of search and rescue (wildfires, river rescue, mountains in the winter, etc) but for now I am just a regular person with hiking boots.

All the news lately about Kyron reminded me. I know that it may be too late to help with this search, but is their an organization I can volunteer with to help next time?

[Note: You can donate provisions for the searchers: http://www.kgw.com/home/Donations-of-provisions-welcome-for-searchers-96001084.html]

[Also, print this and post it everywhere: http://www.kgw.com/news/Flier-for-missing-boy-Kyron-Horman-95864144.html]
old man

satellite of love?

I'm tired of paying ComGouge their blood money, $84 is too much just to get BBC America (and im tired of threatening to leave just to get a discount for 6 more months). How good or bad is DirecTV here? I've witnessed how sensitive the signal can be to trees/clouds/rain a few years ago on the other side of the country, has the technology improved?

(no subject)

I have both a question and an offering.

First, let's say you were looking for a legit pool to get your work out done in (so not two lanes, aka not 24 hour fitness), you don't really drive and rely mostly on the bus, and you don't want to have to transfer buses and/or have a 35+ minute commute. You also want access to weight and cardio machines (basically you want a gym but you don't want anyone to answer "24 hour fitness" which sucks for swimmers, so you're really highlighting the pool part). You live 16th and hawthorneish area, and work downtown for the time being. Where do you go? Are you dreaming too big by thinking Mt. Scott community center, or one of the many rec clubs in the SW area are kind of too far out of the way? Are you thinking I'm taking this whole making it about the theoretical "you" too far?
*waits for someone to reply "24 hour fitness"*

Second, I have this Columbia employee store pass sitting in my wallet that's going to waste thanks to the lovely DPer that hooked me up with a pass around Christmas time. The pass expires on the 30th of this month. Anyone want to take the sucker off my hands?
There's a code that's good for online shopping at the discounted price, and a the pass itself which lets you in the employee store out in Beaverton. When I was there in December they just gave me back the pass and made sure I knew you can still shop online even after visiting the store, so I would be happy to give one person the pass and one person the code if there are multiple individuals interested.
If you'd like it, leave me a comment.



I'm not usually a soccer fan... but I kind of have the patriotic need to watch Team USA sock it to the limies when we play against Team England this weekend.

Any pubs/parties going on involving that?


(no subject)

My other half needs to do some repairs on his vehicle, and being the mechanically inclined sort, he wants to repair it himself. The only catch being that we currently have zero garage space to speak of, and don't even have an even surface to park on anywhere near the house.

Where would he look to find a space to rent for an afternoon to do his repairs? He has all the tools necessary, just not the space. :/ (ad I know its' a long shot, but would either of you have/know someone who has a space he could work in? he's clean and non intrusive, and isn't above offering cash moneys.)