June 8th, 2010


Damn beater bike?

So, I plan on hitting up a couple Goodwills but I thought I should check here too...

I'll be going to Burning Man this year and want to buy a cheap, tough, beater of a bike. Where's the best place to go? I'm SE.

Thanks, DamnPeeps!

P.S. And see you on the playa? I'll be the one hauling around a hair-washing chariot behind the aforementioned bike...
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Cat adoption resources wanted!

DP, I have not had a cat since I was 16, but there is a stray that's been hanging around my back porch that I think I am in love with. A couple days ago, I started feeding her and letting her in the house for 1-2 hour stretches. She's super-affectionate, but very scrawny. What kind of vet costs am I looking at here to adopt a stray cat? What kind of cat litter should I buy? Do they automatically know how to use a litter box, or do we have to do some kind of elaborate training? Also, any suggestions for a good pet supply store or vet would be appreciated.
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Student Loan Consolidation

I could've swore I've seen a post like this before on DP, but my Google-fu has failed me.

I need to consolidate my student loans. Any advice or recommendations for any services that can help me out? Thanks!

EDIT: I probably should mention that I have both private and federal loans to consolidate...

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thelma and louise


hey dpers!

as some of you may know, the world cup starts this weekend. anyone know where i can watch the us/england game on saturday if i am under 21? that would be most excellent!

thanks in advance.