June 7th, 2010

I need a room

I currently teach down in southern Oregon, but will be working in Portland for the summer. With that being said, I'm looking to rent a room from July 1st to mid-September. I've been checking craigslist, but most of the temporary housing is by the week or for battered women. If you are vacating for the summer I would love to take over your place. I don't want to spend much more than $450 a month.

A little about me. I'm educated, drink socially, will spend most of my days either working or swimming, currently training for a marathon in July, and most important I can pay my rent on time.

I'll be working near the airport, so the closer to that the better, but I don't mind commuting too far.

If you have anything or know anybody private message me.
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Pimpin' an author event! (Or, come see Scott Sigler in town, July 5th!)

Heya DeePeeps, forgive me if this is an annoy-a-tron post but I'm a total fangirl of Scott Sigler's works and he's finally coming to our great city on a book tour so I figured I'd toss a notice up here for any other folks who might like his work but haven't noticed he's coming to town, as well as maybe introduce a few of you DamnReaders to a new author!

Sigler is a sci-fi horror author who was a pioneer of the podcast novel, he was one of the first authors in the WORLD to podcast the full version of his novel free of charge before it was published. Thanks to the fanbase he built by doing that, he's a New York Times best-selling author, making him the first success and BEST example of the whole "podcast your book to drum up a fanbase before it's published" idea.

He'll be coming to our fine city on Monday, July 5th as one of his stops on a cross-country book tour promoting his 3rd book to be published by a major publishing house, "Ancestor". He'll be at the Beaverton location of Powell's Books from 7pm-10pm for a signing session as well as to read an excerpt from Ancestor, at 3415 SW Cedar Hills Boulevard in Beaverton. As is standard for Sigler, he'll also be going out for a beer or three with his fans after the official shindig is over, at the Cedar Hills McMenamin's.

If you're interested in coming, and have a facebook page, why not respond on the event page? That's the whole DamnReason why I'm posting this here anyways, because so far there's only 6 confirmed guests, two of those being from my household and one other being Scott himself! I know there's more than 5 people in the PDX area who're fans of Sigler, or at least Sci-Fi Horror, who might be interested in coming out and showing their support!

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Sigler, I'm just an Original Junkie of his, having been a loyal fan since he was first podcasting Infected back in 2006.

If there's interest, I'll repost something a few days before the event as well. If this is annoying to y'all, my apologies! ^-^
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What do I do with pics of my ex?

So here's a question that I've been pondering, and I'd like to bounce it off the snarky community here.

I've been seeing someone for a while and we're starting to get serious. Yay, me! She's beautiful, funny, smart and all that.

I have an iPhone, and I use iPhoto to organize all my digital pictures and whatnot, and I have a category called "Friends" that includes (but is not in any way limited to) some of my recent ex-girlfriends. Since my current girlfriend sometimes uses my iPhone for various things, including (but not limited to) taking pictures of me or places we're going, it seems inevitable that she may browse my pictures and come across my previous girlfriends.

I'm thinking of a few specific pictures - none of them X-rated, mind you - that make the relationship clear. Many of the other pictures I could honestly describe as "me and a friend", but not all of them.

Philosophically I live an open and honest life and I do not want to hide anything from the people I'm close to; but likewise I don't want to rub my girlfriend's nose in it, either. Likewise, I don't want to completely remove all evidence of my past by deleting the pictures.

In the course of writing this out I've come to a decision on what to do, but it's still an interesting question that I'd like to toss out on a sleepy Monday morning. What would you do, Damned Portlanders? What do you do in general with pictures of your exes? Is there any good reasons for deleting them? Or saving them?

As to what I'm going to do: I normally keep my categories very general to include as many pictures as possible, but in this instance I'm going to create a separate category called "Exes" and stop including them on my iPhone. I'll still have them in iPhoto if I need them, and some of them are up on my Flickr account where the current girlfriend may still happen across them, so I don't feel I'm hiding them.
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Selling a few Items

I have a few things that I'm selling and wanted to give DP a first shot at them before they go to CL.

Teac A-4010 7inch Reel to Reel. (Great Condition)
APC 750 Smart UPS
Trek Navigator Bike (with lots of accessories)
Powermac G4 Desktop computer.

I'm looking for best offer for now. Serious offers only though please. I'm trying to make a few bills and visit my mother this summer. Thanks for your time guys.
After the break will be more info.

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Violet Plants-- Free (Or To Trade)

Hey, DP. I thought I'd give you a shot at this before craigslist got it:

I have about thirty Viola Odorata seedlings/cuttings: European Violet plants. They are perennials, great for growing in dappled shade: such as that you get under a good-sized tree. They are mostly the traditional deep purple flowers, but there may be some of the "red" variety (its true color is more like hot pink, really) mixed in there as well.

Around here, they generally bloom in late Winter, then again in mid-to-late Summer. I don't use pesticides or herbicides, so adding that is up to you. Beginning gardeners can find ample information for their care via the internet, an extension service, or your local library.

I have about two dozen plants at the moment. Now is a good time to plant them, so they can get established before the hot, dry season really takes hold.

You pick up. Trades of other plants are welcome. PM me to arrange time and place.



I'm so tired over being heartbroken when it comes to apartment hunting. I work in the NW, and have been looking exclusively there, as I love the area and like to walk to work. A month and a half ago I tumbled head over heels for a little one bedroom on NW Irving, only to have the complex demand a cosigner because I had just started my new full time job. I have no one I would ask to cosign, so that darling little apartment was left behind.

A few days ago, I was shown an apartment at the Worthington on Irving and 19th, and again I had immediately fallen in love (Those windows!). (In the interim I have viewed a dozen other apartments). I told the landlord I'd fill out an application, and he told me to come back Monday. I contacted him Monday to figure out a time, and he said he'd call around 7. He called me a bit ago to tell me that someone who had been interested in the apartment weeks ago suddenly decided to take it, and as this individual had been a resident of the building for 4 years before moving away, the landlord felt he owed it to them to rent to them and not me.

Perhaps I'm just venting, but this apartment search has been exhausting. I have been moving around for my entire childhood, teenage years and now into adulthood (I'm 27), and am really really looking forward to finding a place to call home for something longer than 6-12 months at a time. It's beginning to feel impossible.  I troll craigslist, I f5 hotpads and padmapper, I browse the rental management companies like kbc and capital all the time. Not sure where else to look.

I just loved that damn apartment. 

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Dearest damned portlanders-

A friend's birthday is next week and he has always had interest in owning a bristle brush and a cup with special shaving soap for all of his face shaving needs. Where in town (preferably inner eastside or downtown) could I acquire such an item? Bonus points for unscented soap availability.

Thanks a million!