June 6th, 2010


wedding schmedding

Quick question. Anyone have any personal recommendations for Methodist ministers in the metro area? Specifically I'm asking as I'm looking for a minister for my Aug. wedding.

My fiance and I both grew up going to Methodist churches, but we've since decided church is not for us. It is however very important to our family members that we have a minister act as our officiant. It's no big thing to us and we'd like to make them happy. That said, know of any low key Methodist ministers that preside over open and friendly congregations? Thanks for your recommendations!
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Anyone know of a clothing store in the Portland metro area that would sell gothic lolita style clothing? Vintage store or some such? I've looked in the various teen clothing shops to no avail. Can always buy online, of course, but would like to make a last attempt to find it locally. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
kurt che

Jeremy's Cleverly Titled British TeeVee Night has moved to a new location!

We're now at the Alberta Street Public House! Right on NE Alberta, between 10th & 11th. You can get there easily from the #6, #8, and #72 bus lines. Address is 1036 NE Alberta.

It's a bigger room, with a bigger selection of beer, booze, and food! More fast, more furious!

We'll be showing the latest ep of the new Doctor Who, along with some IT Crowd and a few surprises!

Time: This Tuesday, June 8th! Goes from 6pm til about 8 this time.

Here's the Facebook event link!