June 5th, 2010

Nikon D200

Yard sale continuation!!!

Hey DP!

The garage sale is still going on here at 1935 SE Harney (sellwood) in Portland!

We still have a laserdiscs player, an apple G4 quicksilver tower with studio display - clothing, books, movies, stero surround sound equipment and a lot of other stuff!

We'll be here until 4pm! Come by and see us ...

1935 SE Harney st. Sellwood area in Portland.

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Kitty help

Hello all.
We just got a new fuzzball and we need a vet.
I checked the tags but I did not see... is there a vet you would all recommend that is in Beaverton? We do not have a car so that is why NE/SE is out (even though there are a lot of recs for vets on that side).
Thank you!
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Tattoos for you!

Hey kids, it's that time again... time to have your skin decorated!

If you've seen my posts around these parts before, some things have changed: I now work at Aardvark Tattoo Company. Check out my portfolio here:  www.aardvarktattoocompany.com/  (ps. I'm Leslie)

I'm at the shop noon-8pm Thu-Sat and run $100/hr with a $60 shop minimum. To set up an appointment you can contact me at  info@lastporter.com or call/email the shop. I hope to see some of you soon :)


Beaumont neighborhood?

DamnPortlanders is my place to come when I'm in the process of relocation.

So, an inquiry. My boyfriend and I are dropping off an application in the morning at a cute duplex at NE 56th and Fremont. It's right across the street from the cemetery, which makes for a beautiful view, I think. But I've never spent much time in the area and I'd like to hear from anyone who resides there. What are your favorite parts about living in that area of NE? Any drawbacks? I'm hoping the proximity to Sandy will make it easy to drive or Trimet to closer-in NE and SE. I go to school at PSU and I'm hoping the bus that goes along Sandy will be my ticket there. So tell me about it!
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