June 4th, 2010


Indentify a musical instrument?

Dear all-knowing DP,

Please help zeddish and I. In the following video, we're curious as to what instrument Alexa Morrison of Ballboy is playing. It's a woodwind with press keys? It's going to bug me until I figure out what the heck this is. D:

P.S. It's a good song. :)

Danke schön!
Angel Dancing


So, herince_emyn and I are having a  BIG garage sale on Saturday / Sunday June 5th and 6th from 9am to 4pm.

1935 SE Harney St,
Sellwood area in Portland, Oregon


If you come and ask to buy something early, you WILL be ignored...unless you're offering a higher price because you REALLY want some specific item.

We'll have tons of "geek" type stuff as well as...

Computer components along with an old Apple G4 Quicksilver with a DVI input Studio monitor.
LOTS of books! And I mean LOTS! (Fiction / non-fiction / textbooks / RPG books...)
Clothing (In the PLUS sized arena for male and female)
Gaming books.
A PlayStation 2 with all hook ups and controllers
An old PS1 with stereo inputs (no controls)
Xbox games AND PS2 games!
Household items
A starter Harmony bass guitar
Some small furniture
Portable heaters
VHS tapes
DVD player
Laserdisc player
Board games and puzzles
Stereo equipment


And a lot of other great items!

Pricing is very fair...show up and walk away with some really good stuff!

1935 SE Harney St,
Sellwood area in Portland, Oregon

June 5th and 6th (Saturday and Sunday) from 9am to 4pm!

Hope to see you there!


~Dusty and Emmy.

Red Hair


Hi Damn Portlanders!

Does anyone know of a place locally (east side preferred) that I can buy one of those mouth pieces to help eliminate snoring? I was going to order one on line, but thought I would check around here first.

Thank you in advance,
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Since everyone else is plugging their yard sales lately...

We're having a big 'ol yard sale to benefit our dragon boat team this Saturday.  I'll be honest, I don't know all the ins and outs of what will be there (keeping track of what 18 different ladies are contributing is beyond me) but I do know there will be lots of different clothes in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  There will also be a bunch of baby clothes. 

What I do have a more accurate picture of is the raffle prizes we've got lined up.  You can get your tickets at the yard sale, or at a super awesome event we'll be having later in the evening.  Collapse )

Yard Sale runs from 11-5 at 229 NE Fargo (MLK and Freemont)

As for Early Birds... if you get there any time before 11, we'll recruit you to help set up... so maybe you should plan to come around noon!

All money raised at the yard sale and at our Benefit Show at the Local Lounge that evening pays for our race fees.  Anything we raise beyond those fees gets donated to Planned Parenthood... so come support us!

Suck on a Sewer Pipe, Willamette Week!

I am really getting fed up with the constant political sniping from the Willamette Week and the Portland Mercury.

WW really has negative attitude towards Sizer, Fritz and especially Mayor Sam Adams, and more often than not they misrepresent the facts and compile articles antagonistic towards these individuals. A lot of attention has been made on the topic of the money spent on bike boulevards, which are residential streets refitted to emphasize bicycle traffic (with minor alterations), but with major alterations to simultaneously transform them into “green streets.” These green streets contain rain-water (storm water) gardens to mitigate excess rain water from the combined storm-water-sewage system. The purpose is environmentally beneficial and two-fold, creating safe streets for cyclists who don't want to compete with cars on Burnside while also managing rain water.

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'Spirited Away' Sooties

visualization tool for the spill...


I found it a bit startling to see it stretched that far. Then again, this is only surface area. The spill goes a lot deeper than just the top of the ocean once it has been 'dissolved' :P

And as an additional metaphor:

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kurt che

Hey kiddies, Jeremy's Cleverly Titled British TeeVee Night has moved to a new location!

We're doing this again, only at the Alberta St Pub, up on NE Alberta between NE 10th & 11th Ave, just across the street from the Grilled Cheese Cafe/schoolbus thing.

June 8th, 6pm til about 8pm. We'll be showing a coupla funny thing and a Doctor Who ep. It's an abbreviated intro to a new spot, so feel free to come on out. Geek Pub Trivia is NOT happening at Vendetta that night, and there's no Lost, so there's nothing stopping you.

This is a far bigger location, with more booze, more kinds of beer, better food, and better prices. Happy hour goes until 8pm, for example.

You can find the Alberta Str Pub by busstops for the #72, #6, and #8.

Pants Hemming!

I am looking to get a pair of formal pants, that have a cuff, hemmed. I'm looking to keep the cuff, too. Prefer someplace that is in Hillsboro, or Beaverton, that won't take a week to do it, and won't cost over $15. Any suggestions?

I did poke around through Google and haven't had a lot of luck. Also, don't suggest Eco Drycleaner. Already tried that.