June 3rd, 2010


Reverse Polarity II at the Red Room this Saturday

Our goal: To reproduce a sci-fi con's ballroom even when there isn't a sci-fi con

Our efforts:

Reverse Polarity II : Zombies vs. Robots!
5 DJs:
DJ Encrypted (nee DJ Noir)
DJ Non
DJ Sin
and me, Dodger

The Red Room
2530 NE 82nd
Portland, OR

Sexy sci-fi go-go dancers
Mini-lighsabres for the first 20 people
Sci-fi themed drink specials
Robot and Zombie movies on large screens

Sci-fi themed Electro/Industrial/Goth/Nerdcore/whatever makes you dance!

21+ $5, $4 before 10pm, $3 in costume, Free in extreme costume (Stormtrooper, Predator, etc -- vacuuformed/latex cinematic type costumes)

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apartment hunting woot!!

Hi friends!
My boyfriend and I live in a tiny studio. We've saved up enough to look for a 2-bedroom so he can have his kids half the week again. I put in our 30 days notice yesterday and I'm so excited to have more space and actual furniture!

My favorite place to look for apartments is padmapper.com. I noticed that around this time -- around the first of the month -- fewer places are available. I figure it's because vacancies get filled around the beginning of the month, and that more places will be open around the middle of the month. Has anyone found this to be true? What experience do you have with rental trends/when the largest selection is available?

Apartment complexes are easiest to come by, but I'd really love to rent from an individual owner at one of the old Portland houses or buildings that's been split into a duplex or something with all their quirks and charm. I checked out a place today that was nice, but it's in a complex with that sterile all-white motif. Where do those people with colorful house-like rentals advertise their vacancies? Is Craigslist still my best bet? I also plan on driving around and jotting down number of available apartments.

And finally: One time I stumbled upon a blog that listed individual owner/non-complex apartments, and I can't find it again. Do you know of any blogs like that?

Thanks guys! If it matters, I'm looking at inner NE. We live near 20th and Broadway right now and I've love to stay in the neighborhood, or inner SE. If you know of any open places please mention those here too! Thanks!

ETA: I found that blog I had lost!
Also this one:
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Wifi extension?

Anyone have experience boosting wifi signals? 

I just moved out into the woods and our landlord's wifi is wafts just barely over to our little hut.  My googling reveals vegetable-strainer boosters and Pringles cantennas, but these seem to basically require that you hitch your computer up to an awkward setup that requires staying more or less still/attached to a USB dongle the whole time.  Is there anything out there that would give me more wireless-ness and freedom of movement?

Key points: yes, we have landlord's consent and access to her router, although of course we can't set up anything that would interfere with her signal.  And no, I'm not all that technically proficient, although I can fake it.  Just don't ask me to modulate an Rf or anything like that.


Job Opening

In case anyone's interested, there's a part-time position opening up at the Stash Tea Store in Tigard fairly soon. The Craigslist ad is here. The position would be for about 2-3 days a week during the summer, with more hours during the winter.
jiricomputerover--by me

(no subject)

So I got a Paypal account and it tells me that it has to verify my bank account. Does that mean I have to wait until it does in order to actually start accepting payments?

But then I just give the email address that I attached to the account, right? I don't have to give the account number?

Wanted: Native German Speaker

Hey DPers. Completely not Portland-related, other than that I need some help on a project for my German class at PSU. If you are/know of someone who grew up speaking German and has a little bit of free time tonight, I just need somebody to shoot a couple emails back and forth with me in German. I would be greatly appreciative, probably to the tune of the cost of a dinner or $20 or something. My project is due tomorrow, so the quicker the better. You can contact me here or, even better, email me at professorseagull@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!

multicultural where can I find

1.) A cheap but functional tortilla press. I'm sure given the number of specialty stores there must be one about, but I wouldn't know where to start looking. I want to start making my own corn tortillas and I suck at round and flat.

2.) Nice Japanese incense. Does Portland have an incense store? It's not at Uwajimaya or FuBonn. Specifically (if you know incense or are looking for a nice scent) it's Horin Horikawa in River Path. Bought it in Japan (so they might not sell it here) but worth asking.

3.) Anyone believe 'em when they say it's gonna get nice out starting tomorrow?
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more jack

Wedding reception playlist suggestions

 I have to come up with some playlists for our (very soon) upcoming wedding.  I personally am partial to stuff like Mason Jennings, Bob Schneider, Roy LaMontagne.  I know not all that is really dance-able and people like to dance at weddings.  Any recommendations along these lines (or anything else you think I should really check out?)   Thanks in advance.

Suggestions, thoughts, snark?