June 2nd, 2010


Laserdiscs for sale!

So, we're all pretty geeky here...

Anyone remember Laserdiscs?

You know...those all glass discs that were the predecessors of DVD's by about, oh, 10 years? The over-indulgent-rich-kid toy of the early to mid-eighties! They cost (Then) about $250 each, and the player (Which I am selling in our garage sale) was close to $2500!

So...I have a handful that I'm offloading and I'm fairly certain that SOMEONE in DP would be willing to give them a proper home...

The Terminator
The Terminator 2 : Judgement Day
The Name of the Rose (unopened)
Hamlet (Mel Gibson version)
The Professional
Planet of the Apes (original)
The Crow
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Raiders of the Lost Ark

$5.00 each OR $50 for the entire lot...that saves you $5 bucks!

Those of you who know me also know I have Star Wars laserdiscs, but...sorry, no way am I offloading those!


And we could make beautiful music...

Do any of you lovely, darling DPers know of any inexpensive cellos that might simply be floating around? I've visited Trade Up music (both locations), and prowled about CL, but there were none at the former and too expensive at the latter. I figured if anyone would know about someone's old roomate's friend's ex's barely working antique inexpensive cello it would be you guys. I'd like to learn to play, you see. 

Is everyone's personal journals like this, too?

Some of you might have noticed that this community has declined in the number of posts and comments in recent months.
My personal friend's list has also really declined in the past few months.
I used to have trouble keeping up with livejournal, because my friend's list would scroll by every day. It was also hard to keep up with damnportlanders, since there would be 30 posts a day.

So is this happening everywhere on livejournal? Is everyone's personal list decreasing this much?

And does anyone else mind? While lj can be a waste of time, it is also a bit better of a waste of time than Facebook, I think.
napoleon the crybaby

Looking for a roommate

I thought I'd hit up DP before going to Craigslist. My roommate is moving out, so I’m now in search of a new roommate. The room will be available at the end of the month, however, I’m going on vacation from June 29-July 14, so I’d prefer we schedule the move-in date after I get back or a few days before I leave. My landlady has a roommate application to fill out and will run the credit check.

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Shoe repair

Does anyone have a cobbler they would recommend? Specifically I'm looking for someone who can possibly repair my Dansko clogs. I know the Dansko website does not recommend repairing their shoes (trying to make a new sale perhaps), but I have heard it can be done.


Edit: Sun!!!!!!
"When the going gets dark..."


Cross-posted to craigslist, of course.

Found somebody's key at 10:30 AM today, corner of NE 15th and Junior. It was lying on the street with a cord still attached to it. Got wet from the rain but is otherwise okay. If it's yours, drop me a message describing the key and cord colors and we'll arrange a pick-up/drop-off.

Thanks. :)

Anyone going to QDoc this weekend??

So the new Le Tigre documentary is having its WORLD PREMIERE this Saturday at the Portland Documentary Film Festival (say"QDoc" out loud..it just slides right off the tongue). It's going to be at Clinton Street Theater and I believe tickets are around six bux? Oh and apparently the director Kerthy Fix (yeah that's really his name) will be making an appearance.. perhaps a Q&A?!  

Anyway, you can find more information and buy tickets on their website: queerdocfest.org/
Looks like they are screening a bunch of interesting docs... I'm also going to Edie & Thea this Friday. It looks pretty awesome.

Anyone here plan on going?
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So I'm looking to have a cake for my birthday, as is the custom. But I'd like a Pac-Man cake, since he's 30 this year and so am I. The problem is I can't find anyone who can make one, since he's copywrited (copywritten?).

Is there anywhere in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area that you guys know of who'll make me a tasty "yellow 85% of a circle" cake? Especially if they have banana cream.

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*FREE* I have one of these, not exactly, but similar. Its actually a bit bigger, almost new condition. Slide out keyboard tray, wheels on the feet. Pretty solid, I just dont have room for it anymore. Come by and get it. Inner Southeast. Reply here or theamazingsondr at the service called gmail dot com.