June 1st, 2010


Performance opportunity!

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Drag Variety Show and Performance Competition, hosted by Saturn (http://www.myfairsaturn.com)

Held at the Someday Lounge - 125 Northwest 5th Avenue, Portland OR 97209 (http://www.somedaylounge.com)

Doors at 9pm, Show at 9:30pm NO COVER!

Next show on June 14th and continued on second Monday of July (12th) and August (9th). If you can't make this one then try for another!

Special Judges: Artemis Chase, Jimmy Parchment, Poison Waters, & last months winner Sally Ingus Wilder!

Contestants compete to be crowned the winner for the night with prizes. All types of talent are welcome to this event! If you sing, sing. If you dance, dance! Hula-hoop? Awesome! The only rules are that you don't hurt anyone or yourself and you have a great performance!


Here's the link to the event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116955218344415

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I haven't been fishing since I was 8 or so. My girlfriend wants to go for her birthday in late June. Where are some great places to fish? I don't think she's so much concerned about the quantity of fish as she is the total experience, so a nice lake with room to lay out a blanket and eat lunch and let the puppy run would be fantastic. I found a map on the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife's website that has a bunch of places to fish within 50 miles of Portland but am also really interested in going out to Hood River since she hasn't been out there.

Setting Free

Birthday Ideas?

EDIT: Any bungee jumping, sky diving, or extreme event's around?

My boyfriends 24th birthday is this Saturday, anyone have any great (somewhat inexpensive) ideas that would make his day super fun and special?

Things he loves:
Anything that'll get your adrenaline going! (Secretly, he's still 13)
Video games
Bumper-Pool (if anyone knows a place that still has this I'd love to know where)

Ideas I have so far:

Dinner & Movie(I know, I'm creative)
Laser Tag
Open gym (for free running)
Oaks Park
Wunderland/Ground Kontrol

We are pretty tight for money so any ideas place, or events under $100.00 (that's for both of us) would be awesome!

I need your help!!!

Quiet restaurant

I'd like to take a couple of older friends out to dinner, but one of them is hard of hearing so noisy restaurants are difficult.  Any suggestions for a quiet place with tasty food?  SE a plus, but anywhere about town is fine.  Thanks!

Housing Wanted

Hi DP,
I hate to spam the Lj like this, but I'm getting a bit on the desperate side. I've been trolling CL for several weeks now and am coming up with nothing.

I broke up with the SO a few weeks ago. I moved my stuff out into storage in a friend's basement. All my clothes are at another friend's house where I'm sleeping. This was offered as a very temporary favor. I need to find a place asap. What I'm looking for:
-Room in an established house/apartment
-Up to $525 if that includes utilities
-Inner SE, SW or NW (15 minutes away from downtown by bus)

I'm in my early 20s, been working at the same office job for almost 3 years and am going to PSU. I am totally flabbergasted by the degree of difficulty I'm having in finding a place to live.

If anyone has any leads, please shoot them my way. thetalena (at) gmail.

Thanks DP.
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With all this talk of hiking... I need to know where to purchase a nw forest pass... As I have gotten away with my last three hikes with no ticket. I usually buy them at joes but now that joes is no more I'm not sure where to get one. I'm in camas... Help :)