May 31st, 2010


Hello all--It's been a while since we've last spoken. I hope everyone is well :)

I'm looking for some info on CSAs (community supported agriculture). I've recently gotten "into" the whole fresh, local produce game (little late, I know) and I'd never even heard of a CSA until about 30 minutes ago. I am VERY intrigued. I was looking at and there are soooo many listed it's overwhelming. I'd like to hear about your experience with CSA. Have you participated before? What did you like/not like? Who did you get a share from? How much? Was it worth it?

I'd also like to know if any one knows off hand if there are any that are still open. I understand some start earlier in the season, and or fill up quickly. Is it too late to get in on the action now? Also, major bonus points for farms that have financial assistance OR accept Oregon Trail.

While we are on the topic of sustainability...Eons ago someone here (I think) posted a link to a map of local fruit bearing trees on public property. I found but I remember the posted link to be more detailed and recently updated. Anyone?

Also, I'd like to start composting but I don't know anything on the topic. All I know is I'm throwing away lots of coffee grounds, egg shells and vegetables and I know there has got to be a better place for it all to go :) Are there any local resources for people wanting to start a small composting bin at home? Yeah, info probably easily attainable on Google but I haven't had the time to search yet and I've got your attention right now.

Thanks for your help!
sad fairy

I yelp for help!

I have decided that I want to take my niece & nephew(ages 12 & 10) horse back riding this summer as a surprise. I'm thinking a short trail would be nice(1-2 hours). I however do not live in your fine city although I visit it several times a year. So I have no idea where to even start looking for a good place to take them too. I would rather have some personal recommendations than using google. I was hoping you fine people could recommend some places for me to check out. Thanks in advance. :-)


Could anyone recommend a tanning salon that does UV-free airbrush tanning?  What was your experience like? I'm wondering if there are different shades of tan you can choose from.

Also, how much does it cost to get your entire body done?

My sister is getting married in Hawaii in two weeks and I'd like to get a basic tan before then.  Nothing dark though because I'm really pale to start.

okay, I need your help DamnPortlanders..

I am in the process of making a website for the PCC Pre-Nursing Club.

I need suggestions for the link section! Are you a nurse? In nursing school? In pre-nursing? Are you a student? I need good links!

[Side story: I need a couple more volunteer hours by Thursday this week so that I qualify for a program. Any other club website ideas are also welcome!]