May 28th, 2010

News rags

Just a half a cup will do...

Going to coffee/tea/pastry and such consumption with a few friends on Sunday, but I am not terribly familiar with the Alberta neighborhood... so what are some good coffee shops or cafes in that neck of the woods? I am somewhat familiar with Townshend Tea over there and I found Red E Cafe on Killingsworth, but I thought some of you might know something that would be good... there are three of us, but we want to be able to sit around and talk for a while!
My ratties

Rat specialists?

This is for my fellow rat owners in Portland.
I have a few rats whom I've normally taken to a veterinarian in far southwest Portland. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good vets that specialized or worked with rats that are closer to inner southeast. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Last Meal

I'm about to go on a very restrictive diet tomorrow so I'm going out on the town for a last meal tonight. It got me thinking, if you had one last meal at a restaurant, where would you go? What would you order? No restrictions!!

Me? I'm going to Miss Delta for fried chicken and collard greens followed by desert at Papa Haydns.

Vegan breakfast foods?

I'm cooking brunch this weekend for a group, and one guy is vegan. I'm not good with tofu and don't really like it. I plan to make sauteed veggies, roasted potatoes, a frittata, and French bread. But what kind of protein should I have on hand for my vegan friend? If you have an awesome tofu recipe, that'd be great. Or where I can get something already prepared and very tasty.