May 27th, 2010


dressmaker's model

Dressmaker's dummy?  Anyway, I saw one of these at value village on SE 82nd today, the kind that's from the neck to the hips and is multi-adjustable.  It was $99, which is way more than I have to spend but possibly considerably less than these things often go for, in case anyone was looking for one...just thought I'd mention.

Damn Book help!

OK this is a bit of a reach, but you all are a pretty knowledgeable group.  A few years back I was listening to "Coast to Coast" the radio show that was made famous by Art Bell.  He had a guest on who had written a pretty comprehensive book on how to get information on people through the Internet or through confidence games.  The guest (who I think might have been ex-CIA) was pulling stuff up on Art's past through out the show including cars that he had owned and such.

I'm currently writing a comic book about an ex-CIA agent who's now in the corporate espionage business and I feel this book would be a great resource - if you have other suggestions I'd love to hear it.

default snowman

One Week: What to Do?

Dear DP,

I'm moving from our beloved city in a little over a week. :'( What places should I make sure to visit, what things should I do, before I go? What are your favorites? I have one more weekend and just a few more days outside of work and moving arrangements.

I've been here for six years, though I spent the first four of those in school and didn't really leave campus much. So although I have been *some* places and done some things, pretend I haven't, if you prefer--I'd rather hear repeats than miss out on something awesome. I like delicious food of all varieties, books, music, art, general geekery, weird stuff, pretty clothes (especially from thrift stores), and especially interesting experiences. Time to cut loose while I can, perhaps?

Leaving because I got a fabulous dream job, studying just what I always wanted, outside of Chicago (tips for that area and for moving appreciated too!). It's my first big job and it shows every promise of being awesome, I'm just sad to leave. I'll be back for visits, I hope, and maybe for good one of these days.

Have at it! Please?

Miss you all, even though I mostly lurked. :) Take care of my boy theotherjay, won't you?


tech geeks

Are there any heavy MySQL users lurking about?
I'm looking for whatever is the best GUI front end available out there. I've tried Toad and EMS, and they both suck in different ways. Is there a magically better one that I should know about?

Help with camping spot?

So for this weekend, a friend and I are going to a Cuban vineyard in Salem, and then we want to go camping somewhere. (Our original plan was to drive to Yosemite, but then we decided that was just a little too crazy and last minute!)

So do you know of a totally awesome and rocking place to camp? Our plans are pretty flexible at this point: we're willing to head out to the coast, and maybe even as far as Northern California.

Ideas? Suggestions? We are into the beautiful, remote and rural. Hotsprings could also be good. I'm gonna buy a guidebook this afternoon, but I'm also a big fan of relying on word of mouth and personal recommendations...
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A couple different things...

First, I am selling a Holga. I posted it on craigslist, and I'd love to get rid of it:
I might take best offer because I just want it to be gone, but it's already less than it was purchased for. They are fun cameras, I've used my other one for 4 years now, and I love it.

Second, I just got my bike all fixed up and now I am looking for a better seat, mine is horribly uncomfortable. So any recomendations for a comfortable, affordable bike seat would be helpful.

Third, I'm wondering what sort of volunteering any of you have done around Portland. I'm looking to start volunteering somewhere in my huge amount of spare time while I'm on the job hunt, and I'm just curious what sort of opportunities are out there that I haven't come across yet.

Cats pawing at mommy&#39;s face

Hair Rugs for the Oil Spill

Does anyone know of any local salons/shops who are donating hair to be made into hair rugs to help soak up the oil spill? Or is the distance so great that any benefit is, ecologically speaking, negated by the resources used to get it there and so we're just throwing hair away instead?