May 26th, 2010

Need some fun lovin' things to do? Support the love boat!

I'm part of the Love Boat, a team of lovely dragon boating ladies, and we've got a bunch of great fundraisers coming up. The money we raise pays for life vests, uniforms, and race fees for the Rose Festival Dragon Boat Race. Anything above that, we donate to Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette. We're really excited about the events we have going on in the next two weeks and we'd love to see some DP'ers at any or all of our events!

Thursday 5/27: We'll be setting up at Last Thursday to sell raffle tickets for prizes from a bunch of great local businesses. "Paddle for Choice" will also take on a whole new meaning... Instead of paddling the Willamette, we'll paddle you!

Saturday 6/5 - 11 to 5: Big 'ol Rummage Sale @ 229 N Fargo St (Freemont & MLK). Have some refreshments while browsing for some great deals.

Saturday 6/5 - 9 pm: Support the Love Boat at our first ever benefit show. The Angry Orts and Wunderpants will be putting on a fantastic performance at the Local Lounge (3536 NE MLK) and we'll be drawing prizes for our awesome raffle.

Sunday 6/6: Had a little too much fun Saturday night?  Nurse your hangover with a Bloody Mary and brunch at the Florida Room.  They're great enough to donate a portion of today's brunch sales to the team!

Questions? Check out our website or email me at

Blueberry wine

Last year a family member received a bottle of blueberry wine that they liked a great deal. Then someone threw out the bottle before getting the name. Its probably going to be mid price range.

We're looking for a really blueberry tasting wine. You taste berry from the first sip to the after flash of taste when you swallow.

Got any ideas what wine it might have been?

Also, are any more shark tank camp-outs planned? I would like to go to the next one, if possible.

Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

Anyone know what the deal was last night at 60th & Powell outside the Taco Bell? We counted at least 9 cop cars (with more prowling the area), a fire truck, and an ambulance. Figured it must have been an accident of some sort, but that's an awful lot of cops for a crash.
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Gotta get away.

Where are some nice campsites in Eastern Oregon?

The Lady is looking for someplace which is :

1) warm
2) hot
3) near water
4) not too terribly crowded

And I am looking for someplace which is :

1) warm
2) fishable
3) not crowded.

Not every place has to be exact, but a decent number of these would be nice.

We don't know eastern state camping so good. So your help would be rad, thanks!

EDIT: - Or... hotsprings where I don't have to deal with nakkid peoples??
I don't care where it is, resort, campsite, whuteva... just don't want to have to look at people's dangling unmentionables when I'm trying to relax.
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Record collections

Does anyone buy 78s locally? I've inherited a bunch and have no use for them.
"Polka Time by Stanislaw Mroczek and his orchestra"
"Songs of the West Starring 'Red River' Dave"
and many other exciting titles...
If nothing else, I guess I can use them as dinner plates. They're thicker than the ones I already own.

T-Mobile Service and Coverage

Hello DP-ers

What are your thoughts on T-Mobile service and coverage? I am not looking for 3G/internet coverage, just talking and texting. We are based primarily in Portland, hardly ever go out of the city or even to the outer limits of the city. My boyfriend works on Marquam Hill/OHSU, and I work downtown. We live in SE. We just want to make sure there is good reception and coverage, generally. Verizon is great but $60/month for just an individual talk and text plan is really outrageous!

Thanks for your input.

Have you seen the praying man? Pearl District

So the strangest thing happend as I went to lunch today. I walked from my office jeorb over the broadway bridge toward the pearl district subway for some tasty vegetable victuals. On my way an african american man was walking the oppsosite way. As our paths crossed he kneeled down on the wet pavement with his hands above his head in a prayer like fashion. As soon as I passed he got up and continued walking. What does one do in such a situation? Was he bowing to me? (I would think this strange as I am not deserving of any sort of bowing) Did he just decide that it was a good time to pray to whatever god he honors? Am I a princess and no one has told me all these years? (cause if I am I would surely have liked to have known!). I chose to just walk by and pretend nothing was happening.

My after thoughts were, should I have told him to stop? Given him some money? Asked if he was ok? Prayed there along with him?

Has anyone else seen this guy?


A combination of graduating nursing school and the need to move out of my beloved apartment has left me with a fair amount of books that I do not want to take with me. I have a combination of text books, novels, non-fiction, and an all over random assortment of books that I need to get rid of. Aside from selling some of them to Powells, what is the best way to get rid of books? Is there someone/someplace/anything out there where I can donate these books to? I just need to get them out of my apartment!!

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N Pdx Yard sale Monday 5/31!

Come to the corner of Kerby and Beech on Monday (5/31) from 12pm until 5pm for one hellofa sale!

Items to purchase:
Engineers table ($10)
Queen headboard ($10)
Full bed frame ($5)
Large area rug ($5)
Ladies clothes ($1 each obo)
Weed wacker ($10)
Outdoor chairs
Coats ($5)
Small portable grill

Don't forget to check out the FREE box!

Most items $1 unless marked otherwise.
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Need a ride?

Heading East? Let’s ride together!

I’ll be driving east (I-84 and then I-90) leaving Portland on Thursday, June 10th.

I’ll be driving straight through the following cities: Hood River, Dalles, Kenniwick, Spokane, Cour de Alene, Missoula, Butte and Bozeman. My goal is to arrive in Bozeman by 12pm on Friday.

Non-smoking, safe driver seeking the same in a rider with money towards gas (depending on distance). I have some room for bags (small trunk). No animals.
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Haircut Hunting

Hey, Portlanders, and particularly Portland ladies!

After several years of taking a slapdash and mostly DIY approach to my hair, I'm in the market for a decent haircut. I'm looking for someone who is reasonably competent with short hair, is willing to work with me if I'm not sure *precisely* what I want, will let me read the ingredients on products *before* dumping them on my head (and, as a corollary, doesn't use only / mostly Aveda), and doesn't charge an arm and a leg.

An amateur / student / someone working out of their basement would be fine, and if you happen to be in need of a hair model to experiment on, there's a good chance I'd be up for that, too.

Bonus points for SE locations, and double for anyone who'd barter for comic books (hey, a girl can dream!).

Vet Help

I'm sure you guys are tired of seeing these posts. Couldn't find anything in the memories, so I have to come here.

Cat's pissing blood, need to take her in to get her tested to find out why. Preferably tomorrow.

I need a place that does sliding scale/payment options, either in downtown or close to (she stress pukes when she goes into the carrier and I don't want to be hauling a puke covered cat around Tri-met all day long.), and someone who doesn't mind dealing with half feral, very jumpy cats. When she got taken in to get fixed, the vet had to sedate her before he even started prepping her because she kept running and hiding and wouldn't stay still.

And go?
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(no subject)

So I'm wanting to go up to Timberline Lodge with a friend this summer, but I can't find any buses that go up there. I've searched for "bus portland to mount hood" and "bus portland to timberline lodge", but the only thing I find only runs until March--certainly not July! And that one ran fifty bucks, while we can get a bus to the coast for 17.

So, any buses run up there that I can get from Portland?