May 24th, 2010

Today is GOOD


Hey Portland, another month has gone by at lightning speed and I managed to forget that it's actually 4th Tuesday TOMORROW!

SO! That being said! We are having a meet up tomorrow...

We'll meet at McMenamin's Tavern and Pool, but if they decide to give us crap service and less than decent service, we might jump ship and go elsewhere, so we'll keep DP posted as we go if plans change...

7pm - Tuesday the 25th
McMenamin's Tavern and Pool
1716 Northwest 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210-2504

Possible to get a head count? It really seems like we haven't been getting minors, so if we do jump ship we'll probably go to a bar unless someone pipes up and says they are bringing kids FOR SURE or are under 21 and are, again, coming FOR SURE!

Happy May!

need a florist recommendation

 I don't actually live in Portland but I know a sweet (or choose adjective:  mega cool, lovely, amazing, wonderful, smart, strong, incredible) person there I want to send flowers to.  I checked your tags and don't see anything.  I checked various online listings but the places with reviews all have both terrific and terrible reviews.  Help?  Friend is in SE area

And YES she's going to see this post!

Weird Goose at Rhododendron Gardens

This is totally bugging me: last week I went to the Rhodedendron Gardens for the first time (which by the way, are gorgeous right now) and I saw the most ridiculous looking bird I've ever seen. People were pointing and staring (and laughing), though I take it to be a usual resident. The closest pic I can find to what it looked like is this, but that's not quite it (think uglier, more circus-like). Anyone know what kind of goose/bird it is?
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because we all know DP is where to go for legal advice ;)

So my friends are getting married and have asked me to officiate - which is rad. I'm ordained through Universal Life Church (ooh look, I filled out an online form). They are residents of Multnomah county. Do you know where I can go for information on if I have to do anything special (like register myself with the county or something) in order for this to be fully legal? I don't want to accidentally screw them over, and while Google is handing me much interesting information I have yet to find anything official and legal-looking.

accompanist / piano player

I heard a dirty rumor that OBT is looking for a new accompanist. If you don't already have experience being an accompanist, but are a very skilled pianist, they can train you.
I don't know any more details, so if you're interested I suggest you call them and ask who you should speak with.
just a head's up. Always looking out for my dee peees
listening petzi
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Chinese rec's

What's the best place in town to find good War Won Ton Soup? (That's basically won ton soup with the extra goodies - meats and seafoods and such, thrown in too)

Oh, and East-side is preferred.

Edit: What, seriously??? No replies at all??
OK, how about just regular wonton soup then? I know years ago I used to get some at Ho-Hos on 39th (is that place still there?) that was "ok" but I was hoping *someone* has had a good wonton soup somewhere around town that they might recommend!