May 23rd, 2010

kefkawhereisyourgod--by me

So Paypal

It seems to be the only thing anyone online takes any more, but I keep hearing horror stories about people losing money hand over fist to it. Not to mention hooking it with my bank account...considering my bank is one that lost a suitcase full of customer data, you can imagine my distrust.

But the ability to sell more is appealing.

So what do you guys all think? Pros/cons/things to know?

Positivity and shit

I recently applied for a jerb that I want so bad I can taste it, and it tastes GREAT! like blue raspberries.  This got me to thinking about 'The Secret' and the wave of new-agey self-helpy stuff that hit around 2006 and has since subsided (*cough* recession *cough* *cough).  And then, you know, it occurred to me that betting on the worst and planning for it may not be the most helpful thing here while I wait for a response.  Maybe I SHOULD be visualizing myself working this job and loving it and even bitching about it on Thursday nights sometimes over a very specific beverage.  Maybe every night I should start having imaginary conversations with my editor in Chicago where I argue but ultimately give in over the use of the word "brotunda."  And then maybe it will all happen!

In all seriousness, a good friend of mine performed a little bit of manifesting and ended up with a free clarinet.  Let me repeat that: free clarinet!  He literally stared at a music catalog for 15 minutes every day, got a gig volunteering with a music teacher, and then got a free R13 (?) clarinet, the very one he'd stared at intently!  You can make fun of Oprah all you want, but that's pretty cool if you ask me.

Now, I'm more inclined to believe that thinking positively just keeps you open to new possibilities, rather than magicking things into being.  For example: I had a string of shitty relationships until I wised up and looked for someone better, and *pop* there they were.

But what are your experiences of such things?  Have you ever "willed" something into being?  Do you chalk it up to a certain strategic optimism, or did you straight manifest it?

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(Indoor) Photo Ops in Gresham/Outer SE/NE Portland?

I need some ideas for a place to take photos. Not portraits, just abstract & fun shots, art, nature, etc. Location is Centennial School District area, but we can make a 10 minute drive in any direction, really.

Here's the catch -- I need it to be rain-proof. Indoors, basically. Cheap would be a plus.

And it has to be open weekday afternoons past 4.