May 22nd, 2010

Funny Face

Scrap Wood, Anyone? Plus Shameful Plug w/ Cotton Candy.

So, I have this problem. My theatre has a bunch of wood that we have until recently had in storage. I decided that a bunch of it wasn't worth the storage space for keeping anymore for one reason or another. Some has too many hard-to-remove screws or staples, some is unusually shaped, some is just too ugly. I put it out behind the dumpster and put it up on craigslist and freecycle. My landlord now tells me that not only does it need to go SOON, but it can't really go in the dumpster either. If I can't find any new home for this wood, what should I do with it? I don't think it's special enough for rebuilding center or anyplace like that. Is there anyplace other than the dump that might be able to put to use this wood? If not, where is a dump and how much does it cost?

If you're interested in the scrap/firewood/et cetera yourself, the dumpster is behind Theatre! Theatre! at 3430 SE Belmont, so approximately 3430 Yamhill.

You into theatre, amusements, or cotton candy? Come see Paradise Park, at 3430 SE Belmont through June 12. We have games before shows, and cotton candy is served on days I'm there. I can arrange a DP special day if you want and we have at least ten people. Tickets for a group rate could then be only $10 and I would make a point to be there to serve cotton candy.
butterflies in my ears

news, yo?

do any of you lovelies happen to know where I can watch the channel 12 news tonight? I know the chances of being able to watch the news in a bar at 10pm on a saturday are slim to none, but there's an extremely pertinent story tonight that I'd hate to miss. East side love, but I'll cross the river if need be.

Thanks! And if you like, tune in for tweakers caught on tape! (please don't be a huge dick and steal from local businesses)
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Leaky Air Mattress

Hey, DP! I'm wondering if anyone has any idea about what to do with my leaky air mattress. The leak is pretty substantial. It fully deflates by morning. Without a swimming pool or lake to submerse it in (to look for air bubbles) I'm not sure how to fix it or if it's even worth trying. Any ideas on whether or not these things can be recycled or reused in some other way? Any ideas on figuring out where the leak is without submersing it? It's queen size, so it wouldn't really work to stick it in the bathtub. Thanks!