May 21st, 2010


french classes

I was wondering if anyone has experience with the classes at the Alliance Française de Portland, particularly the beginner core levels 1-5.

Even more particularly, I was wondering about

(1) the pacing of the classes. Did it seem slow, fast, or just right? (the class descriptions suggest a slow pace, and I'm looking for something somewhat fast-paced)

(2) how much emphasis is placed on reading/writing versus speaking/listening? 

(3) was your overally experience positive or negative or something else in between?

(4) how do you think these classes compare to french classes at, say, PSU or PCC? (i'm considering them, too)

Thanks all. And if any of you have NOT had classes at the Alliance, but have had them elsewhere in Portland, please feel free to let me know about those, too! I am trying to see what my options are... PSU, PCC, the Alliance, and private tutors are what I have come up with so far. And so far I know little about the quality of PCC or PSU french classes. I spoke with one person who took two years of PSU French and gave a mixed review.

(btw money is an issue, and yes the Alliance is really pretty spendy... too spendy, actually, for me. But I'm considering it anyway, out of foolishness. )
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Fun cheap portland (and Science!)

Wanna go to the adult only omsi night for $5?
Today's Groupon side deal is $5 entry to next Wednesday's "OMSI After Dark". If I'm remembering right, this should be the last AfterDark opportunity to see their exhibit on Space, but the T-Rex is there for the summer. You must be over 21 (they do ID), and there are food & alcohol samples. Planetarium/Imax tickets not included.

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Gas station mishap...

Anyone had a gas station attendant put the wrong kind of fuel in your car?

I have a diesel engine and they put regular in it. I realized something was wrong about 2 miles down the road, got it towed back to them, and am now looking at significant costs getting this repaired at my mechanic. I know I should have been watching, and I'm kicking myself for not being hawk-eye here. Hopefully the engine is not destroyed.

Regardless, the gas station should be responsible for this. I'm 100% certain I said diesel fuel (and have passengers that can confirm and swear to it), but the attendant did seem confused about whether I wanted $5 or 5 gallons (I wanted gallons) and is now saying that when I answered his confusion by saying "5 gallons, not $5" I should have said 5 gallons of DIESEL. Which is absolute bullshit, IMO (especially considering it says diesel only on my car quite clearly).

Two tow truck drivers and my mechanic have suggested that the station should absolutely have to pay for repairs, and I'm trying to figure out if there is an actual LAW that holds the station responsible, or just precedent.

I'm absolutely taking them to small claims court if they refuse to pay outright. This is my only vehicle and both my partner and I need it to get to school/work/etc.

Does anyone else have experience with this issue? Know the laws?

I seriously wish Oregonians could pump their own gas...

Pooches in the Pearl

Saturday is Pooches in the Pearl down in NW! I will be there at the Multnomah County table talking about licensing, so come on by and say hello and bring your pooches for fun in the Pearl!

For the Link-phobic
Pooches in the Pearl has been a long time coming. Many residents of the Pearl District own dogs as Portland is a dog friendly city. The purpose of the event is to have an educational gathering where dog owners and lovers can learn about vaccinations, pet stations, pet registration, and to socialize with other dog owners, lovers, and the pooches.

The Pearl District Neighborhood Association will also be showcasing a new pet station which will be on display at the event. The association has purchased 25 of these stations which will be going up all over our neighborhood in the next month or so to alleviate the gap in stations around town.

The event takes place at The Encore at NW 10th and Overton on Saturday May 22 from 1-4pm right next the Fields Park. This event was put together by the Pearl District Neighborhood Association's Livability Committee and is being supported by our local businesses.
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(no subject)

Portlandites: where do you go when you need to buy new tires? Les Schwab or someplace else? Are the Les Schwab-brand tires worth a damn? My mechanic recently told me that two of my car's tires will need replacing by the end of the summer (at least), but I've decided they need replacing before then. They seem about as bald as Abe Vigoda. Thanks in advance.
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hair stuff

Have any of you had thermal hair straightening done? AKA Japanese Hair Straightening AKA ionic hair straightening (I think?)

I am seriously thinking about doing this but want to find a good salon to go to. I read that no place should charge more than $300.00 and some of the places I've seen charge $600.00 and up. That seems a bit excessive.
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(no subject)

Was anyone else at The Biggest Loser Portland event on Thursday morning? Cause it was pretty awesome.

Of course it wouldn't be right without it pouring down rain and hail to delay filming. I've never been part of a reality show before and it was very interesting watching the process. Anyway I just wondered if any other DPers made it down there.

Here is a pic of me and Bob Harper for your trouble

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Looking for some stuff...

Hi all, 

I'm looking for a few things to make my ever-more-consumed-by-baby (and I mean that in a good way!) life a little easier.

1- A small futon that would easily roll up and stow in a corner of my little guy's room, but which I (or my lovely bride) could roll out on those nights that he simply won't allow us to put him back in his crib.  I think I'd prefer something mostly natural, not a foam block thingy.

2- A cleaning person who can help us out with a good deep clean once or twice a month.  Being willing to work around the kid's nap schedule is a must.

3- Any recommendations from people willing to admit here that they drive mid-size SUVs.  I've been tooling around in a compact one (a Kia Sportage) for 14 years, and I'm thinking of moving up a notch in size 'cause of the kid+dog thing, but want to keep costs low.  I like the Honda CRV, but it's a little spendy... The Kia Sorrento would let me be brand-loyal... My wife won't set foot in a Toyota since their recent brakes debacle... I'm not totally against buying American...  Anyway, any recommendations would be welcome.

And feel free to snark on any and all of the above, but before someone complains that I'm killing the earth with an SUV, I try to make up for it other ways.  I work from home, I recycle, I bike and take public trans.  But over the years, having a vehicle that could haul shit and get up and down snowy and muddy roads has been wonderful, even if I only put 5k miles on it a year.