May 19th, 2010


Free Wood

We have a bunch of wood (branches approx 2-3 in thick, 1-3 ft long) that were cut august 2009. Would anyone want some of these for their fire pit/home fireplace? I don't drive so you'd have to arrange pick up for them.

customer service rawr

Okay, if you don't know what the part is? No need to yell at me. You are the one who works there. I have an extra part, which worries me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then give me to somebody else. Don't first yell at me and then talk to me like I'm an idiot, kthxbye.
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sea sponges

Hola folks, I'm wondering where around town I can pick up some sea sponges for bathing cosmetics whatnot. Is that better found at an arts & crafts store? Close-in Eastside preferred, I'm biking/bussing.
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In which I confess to various incidents of civic failure

I went home for lunch today and was greeted by a census worker standing on my doorstep who pretty much asked me everything that was on the census. I thought those folks were only supposed to come to your door if you had NOT turned in your census. I did, though, so I was confused. He said, "Oh, we don't have any record of you turning your form in." Hmm.

He had an official looking badge and stuff, but just in case he was conducting an elaborate hoax in order to come back later and attack me in the night, I fibbed and told him I had a male roommate named G. "G?" he asked. "G," I answered confidently. "Just G." I thought that sounded tough.

*snortle* I probably screwed up the census. This on the heels of a $12 library fine, and as I remarked to positiveg earlier, today I fail at civic responsibility.

But seriously. Anyone else have a census person come to their door?

Canvassers on Tri-Met?

I tried to check the Tri-met website for this info, but either I just wasn't looking in the right places or they don't have this info up on the site.

Canvassers. You know, those people what mob you trying to get you to sign their petition for whatever. They are often very annoying and bothersome and will make you feel like shit if you walk past them without signing their papers.

Are they allowed to do their canvassing thing on the bus and MAX?

I'm getting sick and tired of being bombarded by these people when I am reading my book, WITH my headphones in, with my head down. Yanno, the universal signs for "Leave me the fuck alone". And yet they still tap me on the shoulder and motion for me to take out my headphones only to start in on their shpiel as soon as I've got the bud out of my ear.

It would just be really nice to know if I can go to the driver and tell him to kick them the fuck off or not. Or at least tell them they can't canvass people on Tri-Met.

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perchance, does anyone know why the police headquarters on sw 2nd and oak is flying the mexican flag and nothing else?

i think it's pretty awesome. 

ETA: it seems that building is up for sale? so i guess it's just the police headquarters BUILDING. no affiliation to the police department? i wonder who is flying the flag.
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Found bird

So it is super windy, and somebody's pet dove just blew into our yard. Its wings are clipped; its foot is banded. I have no idea who it belongs to but it is clearly domestic and not apparently injured. Audobon Society closes at 5:00, Humane Society is by appointment only, Animal Control won't come. What do I do???

ETA: Well, it managed to flutter onto the roof before we could catch it, and now it is going from rooftop to rooftop. I don't think we'll be catching it. I hope it finds its way home! :/